Joe Biden ‘Makes No Apologies For’ Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been underwater since his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in millions of dollars of military equipment being left behind, a frantic effort to evacuate Afghan refugees and American citizens from the country, and a bombing that took the lives of 13 U.S. service members.


Yet when Afghanistan came up during his press conference on Wednesday, he doubled down on his actions.

“There was no way to get out of Afghanistan after twenty years easily. Not possible,” Biden insisted. “And I make no apologies for what I did.”

He continued, “I have a great concern for the women and men who were blown up on the line at the airport by [the] terrorist attack against them.”

He makes no apologies? Really? In the wake of Afghanistan’s fall, Biden has repeatedly failed to demonstrate the empathy and compassion he claimed would be synonymous with his administration. He cracked a joke in response to a question about Americans potentially left behind in Afghanistan after the withdrawal deadline and was seen apparently checking his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony at Dover Air Force Base.

But he has nothing to apologize for?


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