The LGBTQ Cult Is Coming for Your Kids

(AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying)

I’ve written in the past about how difficult it is to avoid radical LGBTQ propaganda. It’s everywhere. Hollywood, literature, even public schools. If you want to protect your kids from being brainwashed, your options have become increasingly limited. Schools, in particular, are a crucial battleground as propaganda disguised as sex education is polluting the minds of kids, exposing them to age-inappropriate concepts and LGBTQ indoctrination.

They have to go after kids because they’re far more impressionable than adults. According to Gallup, the number of American adults who identify as LGBT was 5.6% in 2020, while the number of young people identifying as LGBT is nearly double that.

What’s going on? “The number of kids who identify as LGBT, especially trans and bisexual, has absolutely skyrocketed,” Matt Walsh observed last year. “If you think this is a natural or organic development, you’re deluded. The media, Hollywood, and the school system actively recruit children into the LGBT ranks.”

He’s right. There’s a reason why older generations have much lower numbers. Adults are harder to brainwash. So while LGBTQ activists and allies are trying to tell us that gender is fluid, on a spectrum, and all that garbage, adults aren’t taking the bait so easily. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, “75% of American Adults agree that there are only two genders, male and female. That total includes 63% who Strongly Agree. Eighteen percent (18%) disagree.”

So, the kids get brainwashed, and the LGBTQ movement is given the opportunity to grow.

As a parent, this is terrifying to me. It’s hard having to wonder what kind of dangerous ideas are being taught to young kids. But sadly, it’s not just teachers who are the problem but woke parents who virtue signal their tolerance by pushing LGBT propaganda on their kids.

Yes, it’s happening. In fact, there’s a video that has gone viral on Twitter of a young kid accidentally revealing that his woke mom has brainwashed him. The kid appears to be doing a live stream with his brother and mother in tow, and the clip begins with the boy reading the following question out loud: “Does your mom say you have to be LGBT?”

The kid immediately answers the question. “No, I can choose what I wanna be. My mom doesn’t matter if I am gay or lesbian or any of that. She doesn’t care,” the kid initially insists.

But then he says the quiet part out loud. “All she cares about is that I’m a part of it. And if I’m not a part of it, she’ll try to convince me to join it.”

That’s when the mom, who is sitting behind the kids, realizes she’s just been outed as an abusive mom who’s brainwashing her child, chimes in. “What… are you saying right now?”

“Facts,” the boy tells her.

“That I would convince you to join what?” she asks.

“The LGBTQIA+ Community.”

It’s almost impressive that this young kid could remember LGBTQIA+ and say it so quickly, but it’s clear from the ease and speed at which he said it that LGBTQ ideology is a huge part of his home culture. This woman has brainwashed her children. She hasn’t merely taught her kids to be tolerant of people regardless of sexual orientation; she has taught them to “be a part” of the “LGBTQIA+ Community.”

This. Is. Not. Normal. This is child abuse.

“The only ‘conversion therapy’ that happens in our country is when kids are converted to LGBTQ by abusive parents and teachers,” Matt Walsh said in response to the video.

It’s true. The LGBTQ cult is coming for your kids.


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