LUNACY: Fauci Wants You to Demand Proof of Vaccination for Holiday Guests

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Biden’s chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci is once again playing the Grinch.

In an interview with the Milken Institute’s Future of Health Summit, Fauci suggested that Americans should ask friends and family to prove they’ve been vaccinated before having them over for Christmas gatherings.


“One thing that vaccinated people can feel comfortable with, for example — let’s take the holiday setting, you’re with your family, you have grandparents and parents and children, when you get vaccinated and you have a vaccinated group and you are in an indoor setting, you can enjoy, as we have traditionally over the years, dinners and gatherings within the home with people who are vaccinated,” Fauci said. “That’s the reason why people should, if they invite people over their home, essentially ask and maybe require that people show evidence that they are vaccinated.”

Imagine having your family over for Christmas and demanding they show proof of vaccination. Not going to happen, Fauci.

Not going to happen.


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