White House Christmas Decorations 'Forget' One of Biden's Grandchildren

(White House photo)

The White House Christmas decorations include six stockings—one for each of the Biden grandchildren—hanging over the fireplace. But Joe Biden actually has seven grandkids.


“The decorated State Dining Room celebrated the ‘Gift of Family’ the White House said, and the six stockings hanging over the fireplace were for Naomi, 27, Finnegan, 21, Maisy, 20, Natalie, 17, and Robert Hunter Biden II, 15, and little Beau, 1, according to the ‘Today’ show,” reports the New York Post.

But, Biden’s 3-year-old granddaughter, Navy Jones Roberts, did not get a stocking. Navy is the illegitimate daughter of Joe’s crack-smoking artist son Hunter Biden and a stripper. Joe Biden has, in the past, forgotten how many grandchildren he has, but this omission is likely intentional. Hunter Biden originally denied being the girl’s father but was later proven to be such following a DNA test. Hunter was sued for child support and ultimately settled with the mother for an undisclosed sum of Hunter Biden’s Burisma/China money.

Neither Hunter Biden nor his father has met little Navy Jones Roberts—apparently proving how little the gift of family means to the Bidens.


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