Biden Doubles Down on Bail Reform After Waukesha Massacre

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Despite having an extensive criminal history going back more than two decades, Darrell Brooks Jr. was let out on $1,000 bail after running over his girlfriend with his car.


Last week, he ran an SUV into a crowded Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisc., killing six people and injuring dozens more.

Brooks’ actions while out on bail for another crime are a true indictment of bail reform, yet, because it’s the latest criminal justice cause célèbre of left, Joe Biden is doubling down on his support of the policy. During the presidential campaign, Biden called the cash bail system “the modern-day debtors’ prison.”

The White House says that the decision to hold defendants shouldn’t be based on their ability to pay bail but on the threat they pose to society.

“Ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crimes on the streets,” a White House official told Fox News. “It just means that whether you get bail should be based on the threat you pose, and not how much money you have in your bank account.”

According to the official, “There shouldn’t be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy Americans.”

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Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, who admits that the $1,000 bail Brooks was given was inappropriately low, has directed his office to review the state’s bail recommendation, but he’s spent his career supporting bail reform, arguing the same talking points that the White House is today. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel back in 2007, the year he was elected, he admitted that bail reform “guaranteed” that killers would be put back on the streets.


“Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into [a] treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody?” Chisholm said. “You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.”

Tell that to the families of those killed by Darrell Brooks Jr., especially the family of the eight-year-old boy he killed.

If you thought the massacre and the circumstances behind it would cause Biden and the rest of his party to rethink their position on bail reform, you thought wrong.

Democrats will never give up the narrative, no matter how wrong they are.


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