WHISTLEBLOWER: FBI Is Tracking Parents for Alleged ‘Threats’ Against School Officials

Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP

According to a whistleblower email released by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, FBI counterterrorism officials are compiling and tracking investigations into so-called “threats” against school boards and other school officials.


The email disclosed by the whistleblower was written by the assistant directors of the FBI’s counterterrorism and criminal divisions.

“We share an obligation to ensure all individuals are able to do their jobs without threats of violence or fear for their safety. This can only be accomplished with effective coordination and engagement with our law enforcement partners and United States Attorney offices,” the email reads. “As a result, the Counterterrorism and Criminal Divisions created a threat tag, EDUOFFICIALS, to track instances of related threats. We ask that your offices apply the threat tag to investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed against school board administrators, board members, teachers, and staff. The purpose of the threat tag is to help scope this threat on a national level and provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis of the threat picture for effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels.”

The email acknowledges that the “threat tag” was created in response to the infamous October 4 memo from Attorney General Merrick Garland that directed the FBI to investigate alleged threats against school boards and school administrators. Garland’s directive was made in response to an insane letter sent to Joe Biden by the National School Boards Association (NSBA). That letter likened concerned parents who speak out at school board meetings to domestic terrorists for daring to speak out against schools’ transgender policies, mask mandates, and critical race theory. PJM’s Megan Fox investigated examples cited by the NSBA and found there wasn’t one legitimate threat referenced by the NSBA. “What the NSBA wants to do is crack down on free speech and, stupidly, they attached to their letter every example of parents speaking freely and demanding that the FBI stop it,” she pointed out.


But the Biden administration nevertheless saw a reason to treat these concerned parents like a terrorist network. In fact, the letter encourages agents to look for a “federal nexus” and to find “potential federal violations” that can be “investigated and charged.”

Agents were also asked to identify the “motive behind the criminal activity.”

One can only wonder whether the Biden administration is putting as much effort into investigating domestic terror cells.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, demanded answers from Attorney General Garland, and all but accused him of lying to Congress about this matter, saying that the “new information” in the email “calls into question the accuracy and completeness” of his sworn testimony of October 21, 2021.

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Jordan’s letter, and the email provided by the whistleblower, can be read below:




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