CNN Achieves Embarrassing Viewership Milestone

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CNN’s ratings are almost as bad as its journalistic integrity, according to the latest Nielsen data.

Things haven’t been going well for the network, particularly without Donald Trump in the White House, and it has now gone an entire week without reaching 1 million viewers.


This embarrassing viewership milestone occurred from July 28 to August 3.

Not even the Andrew Cuomo scandal was enough to boost his little brother’s ratings Tuesday night. If anything was likely to give “Cuomo Prime Time” a boost, it was that. Viewers (the few the network has) were likely to be curious how he would—or if he would—address the New York attorney general’s report that concluded his brother sexually harassed 11 women. But, he only got a modest bump of roughly 100,000 viewers on Tuesday over Monday—still coming short of a million viewers, with just 930,000.

The show—CNN’s highest-rated, I must add—only averaged 872,000 viewers. Cuomo’s show had just over half the viewers of “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC and was well behind Sean Hannity’s  Fox News show, which had 2.3 million viewers.

CNN’s town hall event with Joe Biden only got the network 1.5 million viewers and was still beaten by Fox and MSNBC


Oh, there’s more.

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CNN’s viewership has declined a staggering 73 percent since January. Without constantly dumping on Trump, CNN just doesn’t have a purpose that inspires ratings. Instead, they’ve been trying to compensate for Trump not being in office by endlessly covering the partisan House select committee hearing on the Capitol riot– without much success.

At this rate, CNN might actually root for Donald Trump in 2024.



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