Jen Psaki Makes a Stunning Admission About Biden's 'Unity' Pledge

Amr Alfiky/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Joe Biden talked a lot about unity during the 2020 campaign. Many independents and anti-Trump Republicans even voted for him because they were under the impression that Biden would take his years of experience in the U.S. Senate and use that to bring Democrats and Republicans together to compromise on the big issues and get the business of the American people done.


It hasn’t happened yet, and Biden, rather than seeking the middle ground, has instead opted to pursue a radical left-wing agenda and has endorsed blatant Democrat power grabs such as D.C. statehood, H.R. 1, ending the filibuster, and leaving the door open to packing the Supreme Court. Jen Psaki was asked about Biden’s pledge for unity on Monday and basically admitted that Biden’s unity pledge was bogus.

A reporter pointed out that Biden hasn’t met with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and asked what that says about “unity,” especially in the context of Biden’s support for H.R. 1, court-packing, and other items on the Democrats’ agenda that conflict with unity.

“There’s a lot of folks—you talk about tens of millions of people—they’re concerned that this doesn’t seem like unity at all,” the reporter said.

“Do you think tens of millions of people are concerned about him not meeting with Kevin McCarthy?” Psaki asked, being deliberately obtuse.

“No, I think tens of millions of people are concerned about H.R. 1, and budget reconciliation, and [eliminating the filibuster]—”

“I’m not sure that polling bears that out,” Psaki claimed. “But I will say that the president’s view is that bringing the country together is bringing the American people together. So, when I say he’s, uhh, focused on bringing people together, bringing Democrats and Republicans together, he’s not talking about solving bipartisanship in this zip code.”


So, what exactly is Psaki saying? She’s saying that Biden wasn’t talking about getting Republicans and Democrats in Congress to work together and compromise in the name of unity. Nope. Based on Psaki’s explanation, unity is imposing a radical left-wing agenda, and pretending that this is what the American people want and that by imposing this agenda, Americans—Republican and Democrat—will unify around that agenda.

Yeah, that’s not how unity works. It’s also a pretty bad lie on Psaki’s part.

Biden often talked about unity and cooperation during the campaign, and even afterward, and it’s quite clear he wasn’t just talking about the American people

“I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but unify, who doesn’t see red states and blue states, only sees the United States,” Biden said after the election.

“The refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not due to some mysterious force beyond our control,” Biden added. “It’s a decision. It’s a choice we make. And if we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate. And I believe that this is part of the mandate from the American people. They want us to cooperate.”


“That’s the choice I’ll make,” Biden continued. “And I call on the Congress — Democrats and Republicans alike — to make that choice with me.”

In December, Biden appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, during which he said, “I think the nation—and I don’t think I’m kidding myself, I got criticized from the beginning for saying this—I think the nation’s looking for us to be united, much more united. But look, I think I can work with Republican leadership in the House and the Senate. I think we can get things done.”

Biden repeatedly spoke of unity during his inaugural address. He said that overcoming the various challenges facing America “requires that most elusive of things in a democracy: Unity.”

Biden was clearly talking about unity in our government.

So, when Psaki says that Biden wasn’t talking about unity in Washington, D.C., she was lying.

Seventy-five million Americans voted for Donald Trump in 2020. The White House can’t simply claim that when Biden talked about unity that he meant that the county would come together without any effort on the part of our leaders to compromise. Seventy-five million Americans aren’t going to fall in line and “unify” with Democrats as they try to federalize elections, make D.C. a state, end the filibuster, and pack the Supreme Court.



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