WaPo Factchecker Glenn Kessler Gets Schooled on Trump Immigration Plans

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

On Tuesday evening, President Trump announced that he’ll soon sign a β€œvery powerful immigration act” which will change the immigration system, prioritizing merit-based applications.


But Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post’s fact-checker, was stumped by Trump’s remark, “How can Trump sign a ‘very strong immigration act’ if it’s not been passed by Congress?” he asked on Twitter.

Kessler was quickly schooled on Twitter.


Even Don Trump Jr. chimed in:

It’s hard to believe that the “fact-checker” would forget Barack Obama literally took a program that failed to pass Congress and implemented it, unconstitutionally via executive order.

President Trump even referred to the fact that he has the power to take executive action because last months Supreme Court ruling gave him opportunity to attempt another reversal of DACA. Maybe Kessler should have taken that as a clue as to what Trump was referring to.


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