New Poll Confirms the Winner of the Democrat Debate Was Donald Trump

Twitter screenshot of the Democratic presidential debate on June 27, 2019.

After the first debate Jonathan Allen of NBC News declared “President Donald Trump was the big winner of the first 2020 Democratic debate” because he “emerged from the scrap largely unscathed — barely mentioned at all — even though he is a uniquely antagonizing and energizing force for Democratic voters.”


Trump campaign spokesman Kayleigh McEnany had a different reason altogether.“This debate was the best argument for President Trump’s re-election and should really be counted as an in-kind contribution to the President’s campaign,” she said in a press release. “The Democrats proposed a radical government takeover of American society that would demolish the American dream so many are gaining access to under the growing Trump economy.”

A new poll by Emerson Polling shows that McEnany’s prediction turned out to be true. According to Spencer Kimball, the director of Emerson Polling, “It looks like Trump was a winner from the Democratic debate, as his head-to-heads tightened by about 5 points against all the leading Democratic candidates.”

Since the June poll, Trump has seen his head to head numbers improve against all his Democratic rivals. He is now leading Warren, Buttigieg, and Harris 51%-49% each after trailing them all last month. Sanders leads Trump 51%-49% and Biden 53% to 47%.


Another bit of bad news is the fact that “The most important issue for voters in deciding their vote for President is the economy at 26%.” And we all know how the Trump economy is doing.


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