Focus on the Family President Reminds 'Never-Trumper' Christians That Elections Can Be Lethal for Unborn Babies

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Focus on the Family (FOTF) President Jim Daly is heard by nearly seven million listeners on more than 1,000 radio stations in the U.S. every week, and, since taking the reins of the Colorado Springs-based ministry in 2005, he has become a prominent voice in American politics.


Daly has a message for Christians who voted for Joe Biden for president because they are so intensely repelled by Donald Trump’s character, Twitter statements, and personal manner.

Noting that one of Biden’s first appointments is the radically pro-abortion California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Daly wrote in recent column:

President-elect Biden is doing what he signaled during the campaign he would do. That is, to support abortion no matter the viability of the baby in the womb … Where does responsibility rest?

Mr. Biden, of course, but some also extends to every so-called pro-life ‘Never Trumper’ (some of whom are my friends) who voted for Mr. Biden on November 3. This is what you voted for.

Becerra, both as the Golden State’s top legal official and before that as Democratic congressman, has been an aggressive foe of pro-life policies and an outspoken advocate of what amounts to abortion-on-demand, right up until, and sometimes after, a baby is delivered.

Assuming he is confirmed by the Senate to head HHS, Becerra will be in a position to steer hundreds of millions of tax dollars to the abortion mill giant Planned Parenthood and its allies, as well as to implement regulatory policies that ensure during the next four years millions more unborn babies will be killed in their mothers’ wombs. How many of those babies would have otherwise survived had Trump remained in office may never be known.

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In a separate interview Tuesday, Daly told this writer that “I’m from California, I know Becerra. His track record is not good toward human life, but it doesn’t shock me that President-elect Biden would select that kind of person.”

“But for those who voted for Biden, that’s what you’re going to get, and for Republicans, and Christians who voted for Biden, this is on your hands,” he added. “To be sober, I just want them to realize that.”

When I asked Daly if he has heard from any of the folks he was referring to among Christians who backed Biden, some of whom he said were his friends, he explained, “I haven’t heard directly from anyone and it may be that with all the chaos it was slightly delayed. I’m sure some will want to give me a call and talk this over with me.”

The reality is, according to Daly, Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris have made clear what they intend to do.

“I think fundamentally the reason I raised that question is that for Christians, particularly evangelicals, to expect those on the Left to behave in ways they’ve stated, we can expect that they’re going to be pro-abortion. For Biden, or a Democratic president, they are going to pursue policies they talked about, that they believe in. That’s no shock.”


“What’s shocking for me is that within the Never-Trumper camp, with everything that’s happened in the last week understood and kind of to the side because there is no excuse for what happened there … the Never-Trumper claim is that Trump is just such a bad personality that if you voted for him, you voted for this narcissistic egomaniac,” said Daly.

“My point has always been if that if you know presidential temperament, that’s not unusual, but my point is what we go for is policies,” he continued. “People and character matter, of course, but when you get down to it, as a Never-Trumper, you’re going to vote Biden, who has already stated that he’s going to be for greater abortion access, he’s going to codify Roe v. Wade so it can’t be challenged in court, that’s what they voted for.”

This is not a single-issue problem that Daly is raising concerning Christians who refused to support Trump’s re-election. Elections have consequences and not just on abortion.

Becerra has argued that the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religious faith and practice applies only to individuals, not to institutions like churches. It’s a very short step from Becerra’s position on the First Amendment to government telling institutions — aka “churches” — what they can and cannot teach congregants.

Don’t be surprised, either, when the Biden administration moves to limit or eliminate entirely the tax exemption for religious non-profits and seeks to force them to do things like hire individuals who do not share their beliefs, and provide insurance and other benefits that utterly conflict with those beliefs.


Same on the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech. The Alliance Defending Freedom was in the Supreme Court Tuesday arguing on behalf of the First Amendment rights of two Georgia Gwinnett College students, Chike Uzuegbunam and Joseph Bradford, to share their faith publicly on campus.

I find it astounding that in America any college would think it appropriate to stifle a Christian student’s right to share his or her faith in Jesus Christ and that two students would have to go all the way to the nation’s highest court to vindicate their First Amendment rights.

But then I never thought I’d see the day when a president of the United States would be censored from the public square, either. Daly is right, the day is coming when Never-Trumpers will have to account for a multitude of tragedies and outrages that repulse them even more than Donald Trump ever did.




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