Trump Maxim Must Guide GOP Going Forward

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“Democrats are bad people, but they stick together.”  —President Donald Trump.

How many occasions did we hear the former president say some variation on this? It was part of his stump speech, and the admonition behind the words only grew stronger as his besieged term in office unfolded. It became an unremitting truth when Dems took back the House in 2018 and begin a scorched-earth campaign to discredit and upend Trump’s presidency.


But there’s another side to Trump’s pearl of wisdom: Republicans are good people who are always arguing with each other, infighting, and in so doing often hand victory to the left by canceling each other out. The infamous “No” vote of John McCain, which scuttled the GOP push to repeal Obamacare is probably one of the best examples

Republicans can’t have that now; the stakes are too high.

Last week, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin upended the Trump maxim when they voted not to sully their legacy and put their elected offices at risk by supporting an astonishingly subversive one-off attempt to collapse the filibuster for the purposes of passing voting “rights” legislation that may well have ensured that Republicans would never win national public office again.

The right in America can only sit back with a sigh of relief. And remain vigilant. But for two ostensibly moderate Democrats, we could be looking at an unambiguous plot to flood the electoral zone with harvested ballots destined to be cast by bad people who will stop at nothing to achieve power. Despite this filibuster setback, Democrats will continue to attempt, via COVID-19 or any other advantageous crisis, to underhandedly bring socialism to the United States.


It has come to this: despite alleging that Joe Biden received 81 million votes and beat a sitting president who got more votes than any Republican candidate in history, the Democrats don’t think they can win a legal and fair national election. By their actions, they prove again and again that they fear a properly run election, with voter I.D., in-person voting, scrupulous monitoring of vote tabulation, and properly managed absentee voting.

The propped-up culprit in the minds of those who would taint the nation’s formerly world-class system of voting and shred the Constitutional intentions of the Founders: systematic racism and inherent white supremacism that is actively seeking to nullify the voting rights of people of color who are more likely to vote Democrat.

It is racist on its face to propound that certain people of color are too ignorant, isolated, or disadvantaged to figure out how to register to vote, attain an I.D. card, get to the polls, fill out an absentee ballot, or perform any of the other steps in the process of casting a legal vote. Using a racist trope while characterizing America as existentially racist, Democrats want to drop ballots like leaflets, for any passing unregistered stranger, any illegal alien, any felon, any grim ballot harvester, to mark and cast.


With the votes of that godawful crew in the mix, good luck Donald Trump or any GOP candidate.

But for two Democrat outliers, who are now undoubtedly getting death threats, and should be on the lookout in public restrooms, we could have been looking at the implementation of a big cornerstone—probably the most effective and destructive cornerstone—in the left’s foundational efforts to transform America into a giant, mortally-wounded Venezuela.

It is not over by any means. Dog-faced pony soldier Cory Booker has further plans. Pete “Parental Leave” Buttigieg is back behind his desk. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is on the warpath. Michael Moore is stockpiling podcast topics. The biased media’s lie about white supremacy supposedly being a threat on par with (unsettled) climate change after cities burned under the BLM banner will remain the real “Big Lie.”

They’re not going to stop trying to disenfranchise the legally-cast mandate of a nation and install a disgusting, Third Worldish socialist dominion in Washington’s halls of power.

But for two Democrats. Two who became exceptions to Trump’s warning about bad people who stick together.

What the Democratic Party and their media want accomplished must not be permitted to scrawl a disunity narrative across the face of Republicanism like idiot graffiti on a subway wall. There is nothing the Pelosi/Schumer nexus would enjoy more than disunity on the right—as evidenced by the recent media-manufactured rift between Trump and Gov. DeSantis.


Once the House and Senate are secured and the levers of power wrested from the un-American left, a unified stage must be set for 2024. Republicans and conservatives must show the Democrats what sticking together looks like. For those on the right who throw disunity into the mix, beatings will commence until position comes in line with objectives.

President Trump’s wisdom must guide conservatism forward to the midterm and beyond.


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