Apocalypse Not? Will Radical Subversion Save the Economy?

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Washington state Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, has a stern warning for Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her fellow House Democrats. If they attempt to move forward with what the leftist media revels in calling a “bipartisan” $1.2 billion infrastructure bill without an agreement on Biden’s $3.5 billion (or is it quadrillion?) America Last “Build Back Better” bill, dozens of Democrats will vote no on the former and sink both bills like stones tossed into the Potomac River.


See, there is some potential good news out there.

The definition of “bipartisan” here means that Senators Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and seventeen other RINOs voted yay on a then-$1 billion infrastructure bill and sent it downstairs.

America First patriot Jim Jordan (R-OH) holds the opinion that “there is nothing good in either bill.”

As this is written, Senator Joe Manchin’s characterization of the $3.5 bill as “fiscal insanity” serves to describe the entire fiscal debacle currently roiling the legislative branch of the federal government. The insanity is in total flux; this piece could be rendered obsolete by the time it is posted.

On Thursday, apparently taking fiscally irresponsible Marxist guerilla fighters like Jayapal at their word, Pelosi tanked a vote on the McConnell/Romney-approved package, now priced at $1.2 billion. She then proceeded to ride herd over House approval of yet another Senate-passed dysfunctional stopgap bill to fund the government into December. As of 11:24 P.S.T., she is presumably back to the drawing board in an attempt to reconcile her “moderate” Manchin/Sinema wing with a Commie-devil progressive wing whose rotten-to-the-core intentions would hobble America’s economy for the distant, unforeseeable future, and saddle its citizenry with unprecedented, unpayable debt.

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Asked what he would like to see happen, what would be the best possible outcome, Jordan, in his characteristic straightforward style, said, “Nothing.”

Yes, the good old “zip, zero, nada” phrase that Rush Limbaugh so inimitably popularized.

Is it possible, God willing and the creek don’t rise, that the petulant, ingrate, tyrannical far-left will render the Biden economic agenda so much chaff in the winds of political fortune? They hold cards in a Monopoly money game, and, in a radical demonstration of their will to transform America into a s&%thole, may walk away from an infrastructure bill that contains at least some identifiable road and bridges funding.

Remember the “little pile of arms” rogue Colonel Kurtz described in Apocalypse Now? Rather that accept the benefits of a Western vaccine in the arms of their children, the Viet Cong hacked off every vaccinated arm.

The horror.

The rad-left is ready to hack from the agenda of the nation’s business an infrastructure bill they won’t support unless they also get serious consideration–which likely means a trimmed down multi-trillion-dollar Democrat-only agreement–on a ruinously exorbitant bill that will inflict upon our taxpaying children and grandchildren debt that will have the Chinese red wolf licking its chops. They will then proceed through reconciliation to ram economic servitude down the throat of the U.S. body politic.


Manchin, who some pundits have christened “the most important political figure in the country,” has floated that he might consider a $2.5 million deal. Will the far-left accept a trillion-dollar discount on their Third World vision for the Stars and Stripes?

Or will they hold fast for the “whole nine yards,” and in their subversive zeal kill off any deal? The entire discussion is ridiculous for a nation nearly $27 trillion in debt.

If they succeed in scuttling both bills, it will not be horrible.

If they go down with their subversive principles to defeat on any deal, dragging the Schumers, the Pelosis, and the Romneys with them, it will be a victory for every reasonable person who lives, breathes, and does business in these United States.

At this eleventh hour, Jim Jordan’s “nothing” is everything.





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