The Cabinet of Dr. Fauci

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The ghoulish Democrats.

They oppose the death penalty for scum-of-the-Earth individuals like Sirhan Sirhan, serial killers, and even child-murderers, while self-righteously consigning untold millions of fetuses to premature burial.


They allow with impunity their aligned terrorist groups to wreak havoc on Blue inner cities in civil insurrections that cost the lives of scores of people of color, while prevaricating about a nonexistent white supremacist threat.

Those in power sit by while the homeless fester and rot, lip-servicing the problem with empty bromides about civil liberties.

Include the neocons, essentially Democrats, bending over backward to defend the sovereignty of s&%t-holes like Afghanistan while obliquely advocating for an open border that will destroy America. The Lincoln Project grifters took money to defame President Trump; their organization was co-founded by an alleged pederast.

Obviously, I’m not helming the breaking news desk here.

Now comes Dr. Anthony Fauci, the latest high-profile fiend in the Democrat house of horror.

Stick the fork, Fauci is done. Never mind the leftist media’s continued attempts to deify him. Make it a stake; it was Senator Rand Paul who drove it.

Too many people know about the gain-of-function lies now for Fauci ever to be extolled again without encasement in a shroud of deathly irony.

Kind of like it is with Governor Cuomo.

Fauci does not walk unscathed from the truth of his agency’s funding of Wuhan, however circuitous. He does not evade reckoning for once suggesting that, as potentially dangerous to human life and health as gain-of-function is, the research is worth it.

Tell it to the lost souls, elderly folks, who might have enjoyed more years. Who might have died in the presence, indeed the arms of loved ones, not through a glass darkly. The overweight and obese–startlingly susceptible–who but for COVID might now be getting a handle on dietary changes that could prolong their lives. They never had a chance.


And for so many others, in so many other circles of suffering.

Fauci never wanted people to die, that must be said. But in the throes of hyper-managerial hubris, he meddled in bio-forces with the power to decimate populations. His NIH-approved funding to the Wuhan lab can never be stricken from the record. In the aftermath, he became the face of the response to something awful that he himself had an unwitting hand in.

Better he should have come clean about all of it hours after U.S. patient Number One was diagnosed. People will forgive miscalculations, mistakes, and experiments gone wrong if earnestly copped to with regret, apology, and options for redress. They will not forgive a facilitator of disaster who rises on the podium as a beneficent bureaucrat, here to help.

Fauci always looked wrong standing next to Mr. Trump, a president blindsided by a nefariously cooked pandemic. He is another example of Mr. Trump’s occasional blind spots when it came to the officials, the professionals, the old hands like Anthony Scaramucci whom Trump welcomed to the inner circle. Our greatest president since Reagan should have grilled Fauci about every last U.S. nickel sent to China’s virulent gain-of-function factor, and then found someone else, like Rand Paul, to join the team briefings in the Rose Garden.

When the last disposable face mask blows into the gutter, when runs on toilet paper and hand-sanitizer become unpleasant memories, when the last expectorant from the last diseased lung is coughed up and the gravestones of those dying each day of coronavirus become statistically insignificant markers, books will follow and assessments begin about the time we’ve come through. There will be the Chinese arch-villains. The shocking fate of first-wave Italians who could have been spared. The funeral pyres of the late-wave casualties in India.


And a chapter about how the Democrats used the pandemic to apply a tourniquet to the bleed-outs of empty suit/skirt Biden/Harris, and by hook or crook remove the Great Vaccinator (it ain’t Biden) from office.

And there will be Anthony Fauci. His book, a manual of public relations folderol, scrubbed by Amazon and Barnes & Noble. His upcoming profile on the premiere of the new HBO series “Outliers” will be viewed by half of America through a lens of disbelief at the conceptual gymnastics needed to keep the Fauci legend above room temperature.

Until Fauci himself passes on to what Edgar Allan Poe dramatized in “The Raven” as “Night’s Plutonian shore,” he must, and it is a hard thing to bear, carry the onus that the escape of COVID-19 left on his doorstep.



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