Whose Vice President?

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Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from friends and associates who are supremely confident that President Trump will serve his second term. Something is “up his sleeve.” “It’s as good as over for Biden.” “It’s coming, you’ll see.” “Relax and get ready for Trump 2.0.” I wish I could share their confidence. Not to make this about me (personal essay alert,) but if what they say is coming does come, I’ll match Stephen Green’s vodka shots with bottles of craft beer.


For now, hope will have to suffice, that the Democrats who allegedly stole Christmas and American election integrity will be resoundingly slapped down and sent packing by Trump’s legal team and other various legal entities attempting to expose major election fraud. In the meantime, I continue to believe, and I’ve taken heat in previous posts for daring to suggest Trump may not prevail, that we must as conservatives and Republicans prepare for the worst, and start developing strategies to not only ensure future election integrity, but to comprehensively blunt the effects of a Biden Administration.

A big part, perhaps even the bigger part of that administration, will be Senator Kamala Harris. Every obstructionist measure available should be deployed if Harris gets anywhere near the Oval Office.

I never believed that she and Joe Biden had a snowball’s chance, and still believe they didn’t. Beyond that, the thought that Harris could illegitimately rise to being a heartbeat away from the presidency was and is unfathomable. It is way worse than considering Joe alone. Worse than something like Biden and a featureless clone like Hillary Clinton’s utterly forgotten Tim Kaine. If the Democrats, big tech, and big media succeed in what is allegedly the most calculated and orchestrated electoral larceny in history, conservatives are going to have to get busy on Harris, with the goal of mounting against her the same relentless level of resistance that she and the party she represents mounted against President Trump.


Harris was born in my hometown, Oakland, California. That fact alone is a major concern. I know that city. Berkeley is right next door. It has produced some of the most radically anti-American activists and subversive ideologies in the nation. It got really crazy in the late sixties and early seventies, with organizations like the Black Panthers and crackpots like the Symbionese Liberation Army. It is inarguable that the current Black Lives Matter and antifa madness wreaking havoc in Blue inner cities can trace foundational roots to the kind of revolutionary rhetoric and actions of the early-day radicals in places like Oakland.

I should mention that when my extended family and other relatives began to flee Oakland for the suburbs (my grandmother, who lived on Bancroft Avenue in East Oakland, was the last to sell out, in 1978,) the family flight had more to do with gang violence and indiscriminate shootings than radical politics. Oakland almost always appears near the top of lists of the most violent cities in the country. When violence merged with political ideology, as it did with groups like the Panthers, the connection was alarming to say the least.

In fairness, during her heyday as a prosecutor, Harris worked diligently to put the kind of individuals Biden called “predators” behind bars. After waxing moderate in her 2002 run-off election for District Attorney of San Francisco–she pledged never to seek the death penalty—she got busy and the conviction rate for individuals Hillary Clinton called “super-predators” skyrocketed by 2009 from 50 to 76 percent. This would seem to indicate a predilection for law-and-order.


That was then. Now, although she offered lukewarm condemnation of last summer’s BLM riots while supporting the “protest,” this quote from a Late Show with Stephen Colbert interview serves as a revealing representation of the line she tiptoed around in election year 2020.

“But they’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop. They’re not. This is a movement. I’m telling you. They’re not going to stop, and everyone, beware. Because they’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they are not going to stop after Election Day. And everyone should take note of that on both levels. That they’re not going to let up. And they should not, and we should not.”

From a political standpoint, Harris’s 2019 record shows that Trump was correct in characterizing her as “more liberal than Bernie Sanders,” and the most liberal member of the Senate. No shocker if you know the kind of leftist Oakland produced in the years during which Harris came of age, passed the bar, and began her legal career. Yet, it’s odd that though she voted with the far-left Dems on everything, including Pelosi’s sham impeachment, even the leftist Democrat electorate seemed underwhelmed by her in the primaries.

Is it possible that she was being groomed all along by Biden strategists and the Democrat establishment for the eventual vice-presidential slot on a ticket the party had every underhanded reason to believe would “win?” Harris’s grating personality, her crypto-statist dismissiveness, and patent unsuitability for the vice presidency wouldn’t matter if a fraud-generated outcome was already in the cards.


Harris is so anathema to what America is foundationally about, if the Big Cheat succeeds conservatives and conservative Republicans may be placed in the position of having to hope that Joe Biden does not collapse, either mentally or physically, while in office. It may become necessary for the Right to oppose any Democrat moves to remove Biden. In what shapes up as a tremendous irony, the propped-up former vice president may need continued propping up—not to mention life support– just to keep Harris away from the power to issue executive orders.

Should Harris become president, “merit” would become the last criterion for foreign entry into the United States. She may turn out to be eminently “squad-like” in the sovereignty/globalism arena. On immigration, unless blocked by a Republican Congress, she would likely flood the zone with all manner of meritless immigrants who will vote in perpetuity for reprehensible, America-last handouts.

Harris represents the possibility of the final incursion of transformative socialism into America’s highest office.  Therefore, I submit that if President Trump’s legal actions do not succeed in securing him his rightful second term, keeping Joe around for his four-year term would be in the best interests of the nation.

Have I included here enough disclaiming, conditional, hopeful sentences about Trump ultimately retaining his office? Although I guard against letting politics ruin my life, I’m as ticked-off as any die-hard Trump supporter about a potentially illegitimate Harris/Biden regime, and will stack my pro-Trump credentials up against anyone. If there’s any justice, under the sun or under God, Joe Biden and his dangerous pretender to the throne will be undone by overwhelming evidence of multi-state election fraud.


Despite the reassurances I’m getting that this will indeed happen however, I am also ready to start fighting back if Biden gets in.

I understand that Biden is at best a figurehead. A cardboard cut-out propped up for the 2020 cycle to allay the fears of moderately-inclined Dems and other fence-sitters about a too-great and overreaching ascent of the tech, Hollywood, academic, Marxist, BLM revolutionaries. I know that even if he remains propped in the Oval Office, the operatives and ideological jihadists that run the party will apply coercive pressure to ram though the worst possible policies, and run roughshod over this 47-year, swamp-dwelling, vacillating, cognitively-challenged septuagenarian.

Consider: Will old-school Old Joe gum up the worst of the Democratic Socialist’s dirty work?

If Joe Biden gets into office, as weakened and coopted as he is, and against everything that is right and true, will he be the last gatekeeper against the end of America?

We know that Kamala Harris won’t.

Mark Ellis is Associate Editor at the Northwest Connection, Portland, Oregon’s only conservative web/print publication. He is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a finalist in the 14th annual National Indie Excellence Awards in the category of General Fiction. Follow Mark on Twitter.

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