Black Sabbath Handicaps Joe Biden's Presidential Chances

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 17, 2018. (Andreas Gebert/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)


Even with all his gaffes, sniffs, and flip-flops, former VP Joe Biden has to be the odds-on favorite to become the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nominee. Given the radical leftists and pantheon of nobodies running with him, it has to be Biden. He’s the only candidate with an outside shot of defeating President Trump, and it’s slim, very slim.


It will be Joe, but first, he must go through the motions of earning the nomination. He’s often been his own worst enemy, making mistakes that require he explain and say penance for boorish behavior and just plain dumb mistakes he’s made over the years. But the most significant challenge he faces is to find a place, or at least fabricate a place, in the new, ultra-left Democratic Socialist Party.

It won’t be easy. To facilitate analysis, let’s turn to foundational British rockers Black Sabbath, the inventors of heavy metal. Their dark repertoire provides a fitting prism through which to factor the hard-left realities Mr. Biden must overcome to earn the chance to challenge Mr. Trump head to head.

“Mob Rules”

This Ronnie James Dio-era speedster needs little explanation in the context of our analysis. Elected officials and other high-profile Trump associates are unapologetically thrown out of restaurants.  MAGA hats are knocked off heads, and innocent people exercising their civil rights are subject to unprovoked attacks. Cars are vandalized, and individual Americans doxed and demonized simply for showing support for the president.

And the mob press, like a metastasizing tumor, rampant in its quest for the destruction of a duly elected leader and his supporters. In the process, destroying the Fourth Estate’s credibility, possibly forever.

If you listen to fools, the mob rules…

“Children of the Grave”


This grim gallop into perdition is about youthful generations rising up and fighting back against mutually-assured nuclear destruction. But thinking about how many lives have been snuffed out by abortion practices in this country makes clear that the real threat to future generations lies in the clinics and rhetoric of the pro-abortion Democrats.

Mr. Biden will have to toe the line here, as his Hyde Amendment capitulation demonstrates. When asked about partial and even post-delivery abortions, and then asked about the remedies being sought against such horrors in states like Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Biden will have to come up with an answer.

Unfortunately for any candidate running for the Democrat nomination, the ghoulish new activism on “choice” leaves no room for equivocation.

Ozzy’s gonna tell you now:

“Into the Void”

What are Joe Biden’s real chances? The economy is going gangbusters and our nation is not at war. Those two benchmarks weigh heavily in any estimation of a president’s prospects for a second term.

Some polls show that if the election was held today, Biden would prevail.  That and $250 will get you two scalped upper-deck seats if Black Sabbath ever tours again.

As stated, Biden will likely get his party’s nomination. From there he goes into the void, a black hole already being created by Trump. It won’t be pretty. On the Obama/Biden watch, billions of taxpayer dollars were handed over to the destroy-America Iranian mullahs. The Russians attacked our electoral system with impunity, and the U.S. economy was as sluggish as Sabbath’s slowest sludge-fest. We’re only just learning about the extent to which the corrupted Deep Bureaucratic and Administrative State were complicit in a plot to deprive the citizenry of their fundamental right to vote.


Biden’s chances? About as good as the planet Earth’s chance of surviving World War III. Watch this potential Biden voter react:

“God is Dead?”

Speculation abounded in 2013 about whether Sabbath could pull off a monster studio album after an 18-year lapse. They did, with the old-school heavy 13.

For Judeo-Christians and other believers, “God is Dead” proves to be a tough listen. But the Sabs didn’t rise to occupy the place they hold in rock history with easy listening. A cry in the contemporary wilderness, “GID?” is a crisis of faith set to words and music, a plea for answers about the existence of a higher power.

Time Magazine asked the same question with their “Is God Dead?” cover story in 1966.

Mr. Biden must come to grips with the truth that his party, certainly the far-left wing that now controls the party, is committed to driving religious beliefs and faith-based traditionalism out of the public square. We’re not talking mere separation here, but banishment with extreme prejudice.

What will Biden say to the non-believers? To the believers?

We could go on indefinitely here. “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” for the leftist anti-Semitism Biden must answer for.  “Paranoid” for his conspiracy-theory-driven bedfellows. “Sweet Leaf” for the Green New Deal (what are these people smoking?), and “I” to conjure up the immigration madness.

But while space and time may be infinite, internet posts cannot be.  Here’s the final word on Biden’s chances:


“The Sign of the Southern Cross”

Technically featuring the reconstituted Sabbath under the name Heaven and Hell, this track from 2007’s storied Radio City Music hall performance scares up a portentous alchemy that can be directly extrapolated to the 2020 presidential election.

What are the signs?  The Democrat Party has swung radical left, their prime motivator an obsession with driving the president from office. Half the country, perhaps an election-winning plurality, stands shocked at the alleged crimes of a Deep State that exonerated losing candidate Hillary Clinton without a proper investigation, then pulled out all the stops to frame and dispatch the man who did win.  China has taken our jobs (another Biden flip), while Mexico (until lately– we’ll see) has proven intransigent about helping to stop a South American illegal alien invasion that threatens the sovereignty of the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, far from being instrumental in Donald Trump’s victory, is sweating bullets as the U.S., under Trump’s beneficial regulation-killing energy sector policies, moves ever closer to complete independence from foreign oil. Despite withering fire from an irate Democrat machine, Trump is working hard to stop illegal immigration, renegotiate rotten-to-the core trade deals, protect religious rights, and nominate solid, constitutionally sound justices to the Supreme Court.


As the late, great Ronnie James Dio sings in this Biblically-proportioned ode to reading messages that providence has placed aloft in the universe:

I won’t accept it anymore…

After getting a good look at Joe Biden, the Democrats, and their subversive plans for America the signs are clear. All point to Trump 2020.


Mark Ellis is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a novel of political upheaval and cultural intrigue. He came aboard at PJ Media in 2015. His literary hangout is Liberty Island. Follow Mark on Twitter.



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