The Trump Enemies List

Those on the political right knew it would be bad. It always is for Republican leaders who attain or aspire to the highest office in the land.

Remember: Ronald Reagan was a dangerous warmonger who would take the nation from Cold War to nuclear war against the Soviet Union. George H.W. Bush, a respected statesman, faced less vitriol but was watched very closely, especially as regards the Iran Contra scandal, and the worst was often intimated by his Democrat counterparts.


President George W. Bush? Forget it. Aside from a brief moment of unity and concomitant support after 9/11, “43” was vilified, ridiculed, and called a Nazi back when being called a Nazi was not the epithet du jour for anyone who disagrees with the Marxist Left.

Senator John McCain was shown the deference due a combat veteran and wounded warrior, and was accepted as a political moderate, but his running mate Sarah Palin, a different kind of patriot, true as the stars and stripes, was trashed.

Mitt Romney, a decent man in the estimation of even those who vehemently disagreed with his positions, was cast as inhumane toward the family’s dog, wrong on Russia (he was right), and accused of causing people to get cancer.

These GOP presidents and two hopefuls received no quarter from the same Democrat establishment that now waxes with fake nostalgia for their administrations and candidacies past.

Then Donald Trump became President Trump. We knew it would be bad but couldn’t have known that it would turn out to never have been worse.

Enter now into the nightmare gallery that comprises the President Trump enemies list—the far-left Democrats (is there any other kind anymore?), the Deep State, the so-called mainstream media, and the Republican Never-Trumpers—seen and heard through the prism of four well known and more deep-track hard rock and heavy metal songs.

God bless America, and God save her president.


Far-Left Democrats: “Council of Wolves and Snakes” Dimmu Borgir      

Right off the bat, it gets really dark. Because this Norwegian symphonic black metal band is ugly and frightening. So are many contemporary Democrat politicians and political operatives.

The difference, of course, is that DB is dramatizing the dark arts. Too many influential Democrats are conjuring dark acts. As the president has stated, Nancy Pelosi, with her strange affinity for MS-13, and Maxine Waters, with her calls for the harassment and public exclusion of Trump’s administrative team (and by association, his supporters), have become “the face of the Democrat Party.”

Too many Democrats and far-left mouthpieces have held their council, and the word coming from that council is that the resistance will not be ideological, the protest will not be nonviolent, and adversity will not be argued civilly in the public square.

“Counsel of Wolves and Snakes” is not a classic track dating to black metal’s early ’90s inception. This is fresh horror—like the fringe Left’s increasingly unhinged hatred—from Dimmu Borgir’s recently released tenth studio album.

Mainstream Media: “Liar” Henry Rollins

Because now I see the destructive power of a lie,

They’re stronger than truth.

Nobody tops Henry Rollins when he’s on his game. On “Liar,” a rocker that draws alarmingly from the spoken-word form that complements Rollins’s music, the once and forever Black Flag frontman devastatingly captures the destructive Gestalt of prevarication.


Lying is a sin and included among liars’ sins are sins of omission. The mainstream media, from the New York Times and the National Broadcasting Corporation down to local print and network affiliates, are effectively lying by omission when they relentlessly spin news about Trump negatively, and never report on the president’s accomplishments.

There’s also untruth inherent in the audacious duplicity promulgated by the purveyors of fake news. When Trump is bold and confrontational with Kim Jong-un, he’s “provoking a nuclear madman.” When Trump attempts diplomacy with the supreme leader of North Korea, “he gets taken to the cleaners.”

Through this network of propagandist lies the mainstream media attempts to ensure that President Trump can never win.

Spin that represents a core untruth is a lie. The real story behind the recent Time magazine cover depicting Trump looking down at a crying child, ostensibly separated from her parents, thoroughly debunks the attempt at a derogatory portrayal.

The photos of immigrant kids in chain-link cages initially presented as arising from Trump administration policies was actually taken during the Obama years. The mainstreamers never fessed up about the manipulated imagery.

That kind of boldface lying should make the inner Henry Rollins of any fair-minded person apoplectic.

The Deep State: “Facing Hell” Ozzy Osbourne  

Evil one is coming and he’s knocking your door
‘Cause today’s the day you’ll pay


A driving drum track by Mike Bordin and utterly monsterific rhythm and lead guitar work by Zakk Wylde distinguish this killer number from Osbourne’s 2001 album Down to Earth. It was a transitional time in Ozzy’s superstar career. Disturbed had broken yuugge with The Sickness in 2000, and nu-metal was sweeping over the rock landscape like wildfire.

Ozzy remained integral to the scene with Ozzfest and coughed up a song that evokes the fear of being targeted by Deep State actors looking to implicate, snare, discredit, impeach and incarcerate the current president of the United States.

Reading the ruthlessly biased texts and emails between Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and however many other FBI and Department of Justice officials, it is clear that Mr. Trump was “facing hell” the very minute he came down that escalator.

Sean Hannity has declared 2018 the “year of the boomerang.” Who indeed will face the abyss?

Republican Never-Trumpers “Eyes of a Stranger” Queensrÿche

The Seattle supergroup got major traction with Rage for Order (1986), but garnered worldwide acclaim and mainstream success in 1988 with one of the greatest heavy metal concept albums of all time, Operation: Mindcrime.

“Eyes of a Stranger” (Billboard Singles Chart Peak Position #35) can be interpreted as the adversarial intersect Trumpservatives and Never-Trump Republicans experience when they confront each other’s position on the presidency of Donald Trump.


There was a time when Rush Limbaugh, Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, and William Kristol, notwithstanding their differences in background, style, approach, and platform, were generally considered to be playing for the same team. Each of the aforementioned got fully behind the eventual Republican presidential candidate.

Not anymore. Since Trump’s ascension, Trumpservatives (and those who may have initially supported different GOP candidates but eventually got on the T train) look at the Nevers and think, can’t you see all the good he’s doing, and that this is best for our country right now? Never-Trumpers see fatal flaws and character deficiencies in the president that they believe will ultimately damage the conservative cause.

Trumpservatives fear and loathe the Deep State, Nevers continue to think Mueller’s probe may somehow implicate the president, and sometimes they almost seem like they hope it does.

The track above is from Queensrÿche’s 1988 million-seller Operation: Mindcrime, featuring the operatic perfection of vocalist Geoff Tate.

Dishonorable Mention: Stormy Daniels “Mississippi Queen” Mountain

OK, not really a Trump enemy, all things considered. Her ignominious lawsuit just doesn’t rise to the threat level of Trump’s real adversaries.

Let’s give Stormy a break. If she had absolutely no connection, alleged or otherwise, to President Trump, she would simply be an aging porn star whom very few people had ever heard of. In her day, she likely performed as expected, and, let’s face it, was probably pretty good at what she did. If she wasn’t trying to capitalize in such a tawdry manner at the end of her run as what we’ll euphemistically call a “good-time girl,” she might even be considered a sympathetic character.


Oh, the hell with it. Stormy’s story is just a good excuse to close out with a song that remains forever classic, never gets old, and does not need anymore cowbell.



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