The Morning Briefing: Who Won Medals at the Woke Olympics Debate?

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Aquí está lo que está en la agenda del presidente hoy:

  • President Trump participates in a working dinner with the prime minister of the Commonwealth of Australia in Osaka, Japan

The Woke Olympics: Carousel of Freaks

I am ashamed to say I watched the entire debate. Who was the winner? I would say it was a tie between Donald Trump and those who did something else. Perhaps the second round of debates will be different. Just kidding.

Here is a summary for the smarter people among us who did not watch.

Most of the candidates claimed that Trump’s economic policies are not working for the middle class, only the rich are benefiting. The poll numbers do not reflect this claim. According to Rasmussen’s latest survey released on Wednesday, 50 percent of likely voters say the economy is good or excellent. By comparison, only 34 percent said the same about Obama at the same point in his administration. Similarly, 53 percent rate their personal finances as good or excellent in the latest Rasmussen Reports Consumer Spending Update. Only Democrat special math resolves that 50 percent are the “top 1 percent” beneficiaries of Trump’s economic policies. Will voters believe this lie? Will they take the risk of Democrats coming in and suffocating the economy by taking away money “from the wrong hands” and putting it into the hands of the truly worthy? We’ll see.

Elizabeth Warren, the leader of the pack, periodically disappeared during the debate but was given plenty of attention in the beginning. Robert Francis O’Rourke spoke in Spanish (this is will play well during the general election, LOL) and Cory Booker retaliated by also speaking in Spanish. I learned last night that Cory Booker lives in a neighborhood where there are gunshots at night. Wasn’t he the mayor of Newark at some point? Sounds like he did a great job.


De Blasio and Warren both want to put you into a government-controlled health care program and take away your healthcare choices. Speaking of choices, most of the candidates tussled over how pro-choice they are; many supported no restrictions on abortion. Julian Castro, who doesn’t speak Spanish, believes in “reproductive justice.” I don’t know what that is, but it sounds scary. Apparently, it involves trans women getting abortions. “What that means is that just because a woman, or let’s also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female, is poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose,” Castro said. Does a trans woman have a uterus?

On national security, some of the candidates said China was the biggest geopolitical threat while others said it was Iran. I can’t remember which ones, they all blurred together since they aren’t really that different policywise, said climate change was the biggest threat. Other answers were nuclear war and one person, perhaps de Blasio, said it was RUSSIA. That is wild since we just spend $40 million getting to the bottom of the RUSSIA-collusion mythology. The climate change clown Inslee said Trump was the biggest threat.


One big topic was immigration. Most of the Democrats on the stage wanted to decriminalize unauthorized crossings of the U.S.-Mexico border. This is insane. Is there another country on the planet that allows people unauthorized access to their country? I don’t think that is a very strategic political position to take. However, sex traffickers, gang members and drug cartels support this policy, so that must be the niche the candidates are trying to nail down. Four men believed to be associated with ISIS were just busted in Central America, presumably on their way to the U.S. The Democrats welcome you, ISIS terrorists!

Finally, another notable debate moment was the Tim Ryan and Tulsi Gabbard argument over foreign involvement. Gabbard is very anti-war; Ryan wanted to keep troops in Afghanistan. I think Tulsi really elevated herself during the debate and Google Trends shows she was one of the most searched candidates during the circus.

Oh yes, one more thing: we didn’t hear much about impeachment last night relative to the amount of coverage it gets in the corporate media.

Overall, the debate was predictable. Tonight, a second group takes to the stage. G-d, help me, I’ll probably watch. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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