Meet the New Weapon-Detecting Smartphone Case

If you are a gadget lover with a strong disregard for personal privacy, have I got a product for you!

Tech company Royal Holdings is making a mobile phone case that doubles as a weapons detector and so much more…


It supposedly does this via a programmable 3D sensor that’s able to infiltrate objects using radio waves. SWORD’s antennas relay a signal toward an individual and receive returning signals that are subsequently recorded by an integrated circuit. There’s also a facial recognition feature that compares a person’s face against a watch list, and would alert any attending security officer. Everything happens through a dedicated app and take a fraction of a second.

Wait, what? Facial recognition software that reports to the government panopticon databases? What will happen if there’s a positive match? A massive SWAT team will arrive at the scene? This is a hot mess.

The device can work to scan people who are located more than 40 feet away to determine whether they possess something dangerous.

According to the video demo, the attachment works with the SWORD app, which lets you scan people up to 40 feet away. The app can detect whether the person is carrying something dangerous by tapping into its database of weapons and explosive devices. The early tests showed no false positive readings, Oberholzer said, noting that the company is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the database.


Here’s a video of the new product:

The SWORD case and product, available on iOS and Android, carries with it a hefty price starting at $950 with a $30 a month service subscription. Who will file the first lawsuit?


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