The Morning Briefing: Syria Warned, CNN Clown Show and Much, Much More

Jim Acosta of CNN shouts questions as he waits with other reporters in the rain outside the White House in Washington, Friday, Oct. 11, 2013, as Republican senators leave from the North Portico without speaking to reporters. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Good Tuesday Morning.

Here is what’s on the President’s agenda today:

  • In the morning, President Donald J. Trump will speak with President Emmanuel Macron of France.
  • The President will then receive his daily intelligence briefing.
  • Later in the morning, the President will meet with National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.
  • The President will then speak with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of Ireland.

Trump admin issues warning to Syria

Late last night, the Trump administration released a statement warning Syria that the U.S. is aware of Assad’s “potential” preparation to use chemical weapons. Here’s the complete statement:

The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children. The activities are similar to preparations the regime made before its April 4, 2017 chemical weapons attack.

As we have previously stated, the United States is in Syria to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. If, however, Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.

Fox News reports:

The White House did not detail what prompted the warning. Several State Department officials typically involved in coordinating such announcements told the Associated Press they were caught completely off guard by the warning, which didn’t appear to be discussed in advance with other national security agencies.

Typically, the State Department, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies would all be consulted before the White House issued such a declaration.

It seems the U.S. got wind of some intelligence that Assad is mixing up a batch of “kill juice” for his opposition.


However, a non-governmental source with close ties to the White House told AP the administration had received intelligence that the Syrians were mixing precursor chemicals for a possible sarin gas attack in either the east of south of the country, where government troops and their proxies have faced recent setbacks.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley later said that “any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Asaad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.”

Assad denied the last chemical attack in April, which resulted in the U.S. launching a cruise missile strike on a government controlled airbase.

Report: Was RUSSIA investigation McCabe’s retaliation against Flynn?

Sara Carter at Circa is reporting that “secret memos show Trump adviser roiled bureau by intervening in agent’s discrimination case before he was targeted in Russia case.”

The report goes on:

The FBI launched a criminal probe against former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn two years after the retired Army general roiled the bureau’s leadership by intervening on behalf of a decorated counterterrorism agent who accused now-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other top officials of sexual discrimination, according to documents and interviews.

The story involves an agent named Robyn Gritz, who was going to file a sexual discrimination complaint against her supervisors. After learning about Gritz’s intentions, McCabe opened an internal investigation against her. The FBI attempted to block Flynn from being a witness for Gritz at her EEOC hearing.


It seemed bygones weren’t just bygones.

Three FBI employees told Circa they personally witnessed McCabe make disparaging remarks about Flynn before and during the time the retired Army general emerged as a figure in the Russia case.

Read the entire story. It sure looks like a law enforcement agency was used to carry out a personal vendetta.

Project Veritas has a CNN producer on tape admitting the RUSSIA story is “mostly bullsh!t”

Confirmation of what we already suspected.

Project Veritas caught CNN producer John Bonifield on tape confirming the RUSSIA story was all about ratings and mostly “bullsh!t.”

“I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” Bonifield says. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof.”

“It’s a business, people are like the media has an ethical phssssss…All the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business.”

The fish rots from the head: “Just to give you some context, President Trump pulled out of the climate accords and for a day and a half we covered the climate accords. And the CEO of CNN (Jeff Zucker) said in our internal meeting, he said good job everybody covering the climate accords, but we’re done with that, let’s get back to Russia.”

And Bonifield admits: “I just feel like they don’t really have it but they want to keep digging. And so I think the President is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me. You have no smoking gun, you have no real proof.”


Here’s the video:


And moving right along…

Three CNN employees quit over pulled RUSSIA story

Three journalists involved in a botched story about a Trump associate’s connection to a RUSSIAN financial institution have quit.

The story’s author, Thomas Frank, was among those who resigned, according to a network executive who requested anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss personnel issues. Also losing their jobs were Eric Lichtblau, an assistant managing editor in CNN’s Washington bureau, and Lex Harris, head of the investigations unit.

CNN ran a story that claimed “the Senate intelligence committee was looking into a January 16 discussion between Anthony Scaramucci and Kirill Dmitriev, whose Russian Direct Investment Fund guides investments by U.S. entities in Russia. Scaramucci, in the story, said he exchanged pleasantries in a restaurant with Dmitriev.”

It’s just amazing that our “investigators” and media aren’t sure about the motivation of a Democratic Party activist, Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer, member of numerous anti-GOP social media groups nutter who tried to assassinate GOP congressmen with a GOP kill list in his pocket, but being present in a dining establishment with a RUSSAN businessman becomes a meeting to drop U.S. sanctions against RUSSIA.

Good grief!


But wait, there’s more journalism from CNN…

CNN’s WH heckler Acosta continues tantrum over press briefings

Jim Acosta continues to act out now that his stage for public peacocking has been shut down and he is not getting the attention he believes he deserves. The daily briefings are no longer regularly televised, denying our media heroes a platform to lob their zingers at the administration and get a sound bite on the evening propaganda reports.

Cutting of the video broadcast was one of the smartest things the WH has done.

Acosta complained on the “CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin” show that he has not been called on to ask his “questions” at the pressers “in weeks.”

“He may have taken a question here or there over the last couple of weeks, but we’ve largely been just blackballed during these briefings,” Acosta said, referring to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“We’re just not getting questions to the White House press secretary.”

And Acosta has become a bit of a heckler. Yesterday at the briefing, Acosta asked Spicer if President Trump still believed the health care bill was “mean,” to which Spicer expertly responded, “There’s no camera on, Jim.”

Acosta whined, “Maybe we should turn the cameras on, Sean. Why don’t we turn the cameras on? They’re in the room. The lights are on.”


And he brought it up later in the press conference. “Why are the cameras off, Sean?” Acosta asked. “Why did you turn them off? Can you just give us an answer to that? Can you tell us why you turned the cameras off? It’s a legitimate question. You are a taxpayer-funded spokesman for the United States government. Can you at least give us an explanation for why the cameras are off?”

Trey Yingst, a WH correspondent for One America News Network, asked: “Can we get this out of the way? Can we address the cameras issue?”

Spicer responded: “Some days we will have them; some days we won’t.”

Spicer explained last week on Fox News why the cameras were cut. “I think some of these reporters are more interested in their YouTube clips than they are in getting factual news,” Spicer said. “Look at the number of questions that get asked over and over again just so a reporter can get a clip of themselves saying something or yelling at someone.”

Other morsels:

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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