NRA Takes a Victory Lap: Record 27+ Million Guns Sold in 2016

The National Rifle Association announced earlier this week that gun sales hit a record 27+ million in 2016.


I’ve long held that President Obama was a gift to the firearms industry and now we can quantify that theory. In 2016 there were 27,583,673 FBI background checks, an increase of 4 million checks from 2015 and double what we saw during Obama’s first term.

Why the increase? A combination of factors including domestic terror attacks like San Bernardino and Orlando, increased agitating for gun control from the anti-Second Amendment crowd including a possible Hillary Clinton presidency, and social unrest and riots in cities around America.

Following Trump’s election, gun sales have slightly slowed.

Since the election of President-elect Trump, gun sales have slipped along with fears about restrictive gun registration laws and ammunition taxes, according to the Examiner.

In fact, December 2016 saw a fall in the number of background checks compared with the previous December’s.


The Democrats will still pursue an anti-Second Amendment agenda, even though it appears to increase guns sales. Recently, the Obama administration stealthily yanked gun rights from SSI recipients. The gun control movement remains “optimistic” following Trump’s victory.

And yet the pro-gun climate continues to grow. State legislators are making moves towards more Second Amendment freedoms and stupid movies glorifying gun control “heroes” are box-office poison.

If you are a new gun owner who joined the gun-owning ranks during the Obama regime, welcome! Go get some training — and I’ll see you at the range.


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