Are You Ready for a $1,000 Gun Tax?


If you are thinking about purchasing a gun and live in the Northern Marianas Islands, your decision just got a lot more expensive. The Northern Marianas Islands, a U.S. territory, just approved a $1,000 per gun tax.


Gov. Ralph Torres signed the gun tax and regulation bill into law last week. “It’s something that none of us want, and we want to make it as strict as possible,” Torres said in a statement.

Will this new plan to tax the public out of gun ownership be coming to state near you? The city of Seattle has a $25 tax called the “gun violence tax” to pilfer more money from law-abiding citizens. What’s to stop other states from slapping on a ridiculous tax as an impediment to purchasing a gun?

The irony is that many of these leftists who have no problem with massive gun taxes are the same crowd who wail and lament about the injustice of voter ID laws, claiming the cost of procuring a valid government ID is to burdensome for certain citizens. A $1,000 per firearm tax is just fine for citizens who want to exercise their constitutional right to own a gun, however.


The Northern Marianas Islands created the massive gun tax after a judge ruled that its ban on firearms was unconstitutional.

Chief Judge Ramona Villagomez Manglona, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands, ruled on March 28 that a gun ban was unconstitutional “because the people of the Commonwealth are part of the American people who have overwhelmingly chosen handguns as their principal means of self-defense, the Second Amendment protects that right here as well.”

Because they could no longer legally ban firearms, the Islands’ government did the next best thing: price the average person out of firearm ownership.


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