TSA Forces 90-Year-Old Woman to Take Off Bra, Shirt

According to her son, a 90-year-old woman was forced to strip off her shirt and bra for Oregon Transportation Security Administration agents because her emergency cash set off alarm sensors while she was going through the security apparatus.


Her son Alan Charney told KATU-TV his mother Harriette Charney had to take off her shirt and bra inside the Portland International Airport after a scanner picked up on an abnormality on her chest.

Threat to the republic?


“There was no sanity or sensitivity at all to the work that they were doing,” Charney said.

Mrs. Charney was heading back to the East Coast after a visit with her son in Portland. She carried emergency money in her bra in case her purse was stolen. (Who else has mothers that do this? Mine does!)

Once the scanners noticed the “abnormality,” Mother Charney was diverted into a room for another security check. Her son said she was asked to remove all her clothing from the waist up.

The TSA said in its defense that being asked to remove clothing is highly unusual and they are investigating the incident.





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