Why Are So Many Republicans Cowering in the Face of Opposition?

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There are far too many polls out there to keep track of every one of them. But I was listening to a podcast earlier this morning that cited a poll that showed Trump with a slight edge over Biden in the General Election. Of course, we are more than a year away from that election, and everyone knows you can find polling data to support whatever point you want to prove. I’m not saying that the poll wasn’t accurate, but over the years, I’ve learned to take polling information with a grain of salt. And when possible, an entire margarita.


The Left and many on the Right hold to the theory that Trump will dominate the primaries only to be led to the slaughter in the general election. Of course, there are a number of variables, including Trump’s legal status and the Left’s election tactics. Even a cursory glance at the headlines will reveal that, as it stands, the Left seems to be enjoying a veritable free-for-all out there. That may or may not be true, but the Democrats are acting like they will be in power until entropy consumes the universe. And one must wonder if some in the GOP are engaging in a tactic that includes self-inflicted Stockholm Syndrome to avoid being caught in the line of fire. That fire is only going to intensify as Election Day/Week/Month/Year draws closer.

California is a forgone blue conclusion. That’s a no-brainer. But the California GOP seems to have decided to a) suck up, b) give up, c) duck, cover, or defect, or d) all of the above. The draft for the state party’s updated platform would seem to indicate that the answer is “d.” The Blaze reports that  the changes include

  • Removing language about two-parent families in favor of the term “healthy family unit.”
  • Removing the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.
  • Removing the support for churches that opposed Obergefell.
  • Removing the objection to teaching social or political agendas in schools.
  • Replacing the statement that life begins in the womb with the idea of reducing abortions in the state.
  • Removing the section on election integrity that included supporting voter ID, proof of citizenship for registration, and chain of custody for ballots.

Given that more people who don’t fit the Republican mold seem to be drifting to the right, one can see the impetus for the changes in the position on marriage. But supporting churches that opposed Obergefell also speaks to the freedom of religion, conscience, and expression. Dropping the objection to teaching agendas in schools, the belief that life begins in the womb, and the position on election integrity does not seem like a “big tent” approach. It looks more like waving the white feather.

Elizabeth Marbach is a former Trump campaign and Ohio Republican Party staffer. Until this week, she was also employed by Ohio Right to Life. She was fired this week. Tuesday, she tweeted, “There’s no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone.” This did not sit well with Ohio Republican Representative Max Miller, who fired back, “This is one of the most bigoted tweets I have ever seen. Delete it, Lizzie. Religious freedom in the United States applies to every religion. You have gone too far.” Fox News notes that none other than Ilhan Omar came to Marbach’s defense by posting, “No! Stating the core beliefs or principles of your faith isn’t bigoted as Lizzie did, its religious freedom and no one should be scolded for that. t’s also wrong to speak about religious freedom while simultaneously harassing people who freely express their beliefs.” (sic)


That comment resulted in some flack from Omar’s fellow progressives, and she replied, “That’s her actual belief, you can disagree, but it’s not bigoted for her to say what her beliefs are. That’s all.”  But it was not long before Miller was back with hat in hand, posting, “I posted something earlier that conveyed a message I did not intend. I will not try to hide my mistake or run from it. I sincerely apologize to Lizzie and to everyone who read my post.” Marbach replied, “Max, I accept your apology 100%. However, the truth is that it is not me from whom you need forgiveness, but God himself. I genuinely pray you seek Him and find salvation!”

First, Marbach has the right to post what she wants. Second, a Republican congressman should have more to do at this juncture in history than police tweets. Third, it isn’t as if Christianity is some new, foreign entity that only recently cropped up in the Republican Party. Fourth, who would have thought Ilhan Omar would defend a Christian against a GOP congressman? Someone throw something out of a window. We need a gravity check.

Despite Miller’s apology, Marbach is no longer employed with Ohio Right to Life. That Marbach’s departure happened one day after the Twitter/X spat may be entirely coincidental. However, it is noteworthy that The Sentinel reported that Miller’s wife, Emily Moreno Miller, sits on the organization’s board. If conservatives are going to cower in the face of opposition and abandon things like life starting in the womb and election integrity, and if Congress members are going to turn their guns on Christians in order to posture, Republicans don’t stand a chance in November of 2024. No matter who is on the ballot.




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