Syracuse Students Bravely Fight to End Freedom

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Good Morning. Are you ready for your latest serving from the Buffet from Hell that is America today? Me either. But, here we go.

Yeonmi Park is a woman whose family escaped North Korea in 2007 and eventually settled in America in 2014. She has since become an advocate for human rights, has joined the fight against human trafficking, and frequently talks about life in North Korea. You can watch Park tell her own story below in this clip from what amounted to her public debut at the 2014 One Young World Summit.


Since she defected from North Korea, it is a pretty sure bet that Park can identify the signs and symptoms of totalitarianism:

On April 5, Park spoke at Syracuse University at the invitation of the Syracuse College Republicans in partnership with Young America’s Foundation. Campus Reform notes that her arrival was not warmly anticipated by every member of the student body. Some either tore down and ripped up the posters advertising the event or covered them up. Some posted nasty messages on the school’s message board. One post was the usual screed about Republicans trying to curtail the rights of others. Another referred to Park as a “b***h” and called her a liar and a fraud.

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People have speculated about the veracity of Park’s claims on Reddit. Many are quick to call her out for not being entirely truthful about her past and others predictably attack her for her success. But it could be argued that these people hate everyone for being successful. Of course, these are the same people whose idea of “service to others” revolves around protesting, complaining, and destroying things. There is little about Park on her rather spartan website, and she and others have attributed her autobiographical discrepancies to misunderstood childhood memories and a language barrier. But one should also be mindful of the fact that the CCP, North Korea, and a myriad of other actors at home and abroad have vested interests in silencing Park and others like her. And those actors are adept at messaging and leveraging digital media.


Because your average college students are easily susceptible to digital media and have been baptized and bathed in socialist propaganda, what happened to Park is not surprising. Especially since these students have also been raised with a romanticized view of Communism and Socialism, and have been kept blissfully ignorant of the horrors that marked the regimes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and those in North Korea. And because these students live lives of relative ease and leisure and have been taught that any viewpoint contrary to theirs is fascist and racist, they see protesting and vandalizing as acts of heroism. They may be immature, overindulged pseudo-adults with the emotional maturity of three-year-olds, but they see themselves as warriors, rebels, and freedom fighters. Of course, the irony here is that in “fighting fascism,” these students have become fascists themselves. And it has never occurred to them that under the ideologies they support, they would not be free to even hold, let alone express a contrarian point of view.

What should scare the hell out of you is not that these students are happy to throw away their own autonomy and freedom; they also want to destroy yours.



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