A White Man Sues a Bar and a White Student Sues Howard Law School for Discrimination

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Neal Glessner has been banned from Dan’s Restaurant and Taphouse in Boonesboro, Md. WUSA in D.C. reports that the owners claim Glessner was banned for being disrespectful and harassing the staff. Glessner says he was given the gate because he is an old, white man. The suit dates back to an incident a year ago in which Glessner says he and a friend waited 40 minutes for a takeout order and were told by a manager, “All of you old white men act like you own everything. Just get the f— out. Neither of you are welcome here.”


According to the report, the police were called because Glessner and his friend, Joseph Michael, who at the time was a deputy state’s attorney for Washington County, refused to leave. Michael is currently a circuit court judge and was also banned. The owner maintains that Glessner was repeatedly abusive to employees. Glessner has filed a federal lawsuit for discrimination, claiming that at least half a dozen other white men have experienced the same treatment by the restaurant. Glessner commented, “Anyone who thinks this is about BLM, Trump, or any other political issue is ignoring the facts to promote a political agenda that is not mine.” Some outlets are reporting this as a culture war, there was a protest at the bar involving around a dozen people over the weekend, and both sides have received death threats.

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Meanwhile, Michael Ray Newman is suing Howard Law School. Newman, who is white, attended the historically black school in the fall of 2020 on a $26,250 annual scholarship. NBC notes that two years later, he was expelled. Newman is said to have posted messages in group chats claiming that the black community is wrong for believing that the government is the solution to problems. Newman also claimed during a Zoom chat that as a white student, he felt disenfranchised because of his race. He reportedly used the death of a fellow law student to talk about his views on COVID-19 and vaccinations. He also tweeted the picture of a slave named Gordon, also known as Whipped Peter, with the words, “But we don’t know what he did before the picture was taken!” Newman faced accusations of racial harassment and it was suggested that he transfer to another school. During a subsequent town hall meeting, Newman claimed that the picture was meant as a gesture of support for racial minorities who suffered police violence. Then:


Newman was permitted to join a new GroupMe chat in October 2021 but was permanently removed after a Black student accused him of “passive-aggressively attempting to insult yet another Black person in this GroupMe” following his comments about Howard’s lack of inclusivity. Newman later filed a formal complaint of racial discrimination with the university, alleging his exclusion “was motivated by racial animus.” However, an attorney tasked with investigating the matter closed the case, and said the allegation of racial discrimination “could not be substantiated,” according to the lawsuit.

Following a complaint filed by Dean Danielle Holley, Newman was expelled. Newman is seeking $2 million in damages for emotional, mental, and economic harm.

Are Glessner and Newman instigators and agitators? That assertion could be made. Could they just be careless, self-centered, ham-handed, and clumsy? Maybe. However, is it also possible that the two may be the product of a society in which they have been constantly villainized for things they did not do and thoughts that they may not even harbor? Could it be that in the midst of all that, they saw how the game is played, and are taking their shots? Say what one will, anti-white sentiment is out there, particularly when it comes to white men. And if these two do not have agendas, then they may be fighting back in the only way they know how.




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