Biden to End Natural Gas Use in Federal Buildings

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Back in my single days when the internet was still kind of new, I dated a woman who was a receptionist. But she claimed that her true vocation, however, was as a desktop organizer. That does not mean that she came into your office, rearranged your files, and found a better spot for the stapler. It meant she would sit down at your computer and rearrange the icons on the desktop of your computer for optimal positioning. And she was serious about it. She actually thought she could make a living doing it. Of course, she didn’t, but she married rich, so good for her. She also had a curious habit. She would click on anything and everything that came up on her computer. And it didn’t matter what it was or where it could lead, she would just click on it. I’m sure that while she did not make a career out of moving icons around screens, she probably keeps her local PC repair shop rolling in the dough.


She reminds me somewhat of the Biden administration — clicking on things and punching random buttons while hoping the system doesn’t blow up. One of the latest moves, which surfaced during what may well turn out to be one of the coldest winters in recent memory, is a decision by Biden to begin electrifying federal buildings while phasing out natural gas. A press release on dated Dec. 7 stated in part:

The Biden-Harris Administration, through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), today announced a new proposed rule to electrify and cut emissions from new or newly renovated federal buildings. Beginning in 2025, these facilities will be required to reduce their on-site emissions associated with the energy consumption of the building by 90% relative to 2003 levels. In 2030, the standard will fully decarbonize the on-site emissions in new federal buildings and major renovations. These measures will help advance the adoption of cleaner technologies for buildings that are necessary to achieving President Biden’s goal of net-zero emissions in all federal buildings by 2045.

Ridding pollution from our buildings and adopting clean electricity are some of the most cost-effective and future-oriented solutions we have to combat climate change,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “For the first time ever, DOE is establishing a firm timetable to reduce the government’s carbon footprint in new and existing federal facilities—ensuring the Biden-Harris Administration is leading by example in the effort to reach the nation’s ambitious climate goals.


Buildings, according to the administration, are a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. The new rule will phase out fossil fuels in favor of electricity, although fossil fuels use will still be permitted for “mission critical” activities, such as national security. Not only will this rescue the environment but it will save the U.S. taxpayers around $8 million annually. Or so the White House says.

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Anyone who has ever lived in a home with those annoying electric heating panels along the baseboard and has also lived in a home with natural gas can tell you that the idea is a load. The Washington Free Beacon cites a figure from the Department of Energy that the move will actually cost taxpayers $5 million per year. Of course, the decision has been lauded by environmentalists and it is worth noting that the administration is considering expanding the plan beyond federal buildings to the public itself. Biden would like to see a carbon-free grid by 2035 and a non-carbon economy by 2050.

Natural gas is cheap, environmentally friendly, and easy to access. For additional persuasion, one may look no further than the Golden State. The Beacon report notes that in California, where the Great Carbon Repentance is well underway, electricity prices climbed to two times the national average. Unless you are one of those who make their home in one of the more tropical areas of the nation, think about that while you are looking at your thermostat, particularly later this week when a serious winter storm is forecast to hit parts of the United States.


Along with the heating costs, there will also be associated costs for property owners to retrofit residences and commercial spaces to keep them warm in this New Green Age of Aquarius. If you live in a blue state, chances are your government already has something in the works. “2035” could be here sooner than you think.

Setting aside the idea that Biden probably won’t be around to see either of those achievements, it is characteristic of the usual hubris displayed by rich and would-be rich Democrats. They can continue to celebrate their love of Mother Earth and shudder at the word “fracking” because they have you to foot the bill for their indulgences. Or it could be that Biden has no idea what he is doing and the White House just wants to be seen pushing the right buttons.

In the meantime, think of 2023 as a dry run. Get used to setting your thermostat back to the point you could hang a side of beef next to your TV. Try putting on one, two, or three extra sweaters, and leave a tap running so the pipes don’t freeze. It’s time to do your part, peasant. Rich Leftists everywhere are counting on you.



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