A Transitioner Posts Her Uterus on TikTok

David Zalubowski

A TikTok user has had her uterus and cervix, complete with fallopian tubes, removed and placed in a jar. Think twice before you click on the video below, not just because it indeed shows a healthy human organ in a jar, but because it is an altogether uncomfortable thing to watch.


I hope that she is comfortable with this stage of her transition because there is no putting her uterus back. Aside from being an LED-lit conversation piece, what she has is a jar of medical waste, which is normally incinerated. And she seems perfectly happy with one of her internal organs being turned into a paperweight. And if she sees this transition through to the ultimate end, will she be as proud of the phalloplasty scar on her forearm?

If she should change her mind later in life, which has been known to happen, in some cases as soon as a patient has come out of the anesthesia, will that piece of preserved flesh still look so attractive on her bookshelf?

Having come of age in the 1980s, I remember the wide array of clothing and hairstyle choices. I remember in high school, I started out mimicking the look of the members of Duran Duran, and as time went on and that group drifted down the charts, I ended up looking a little more preppy by the time graduation rolled around.

In my late 30s, in a valiant but also lame attempt to remain on the cutting edge, I got two tattoos, one on each shoulder. In retrospect, I wish I had not got either of them. Not because I have anything against tattoos; I just made the decisions impulsively and probably for all the wrong reasons.


Styles come and go. And it was easy for me to change my look with a trip to the mall. Well, multiple trips since I worked during high school and had to save for a clothing budget. And if I decide that I want to get rid of my tattoos, it will cost some money and there may be a little scarring, but my life will be largely unchanged. Those things are reversible. Altering your body, outside of letting a piercing close up, is not so easy.

How dare I compare surgery to fashion trends and tattoos? Surgery is not a matter to be taken lightly, and there are often legitimate health reasons to remove a uterus and cervix. And that is my point. Removing an organ can be a very serious thing. I’m not talking about a gallbladder or an appendix. Surgeries like the one this person underwent should be approached with a degree of solemnity. These are life-changing procedures, and as I have said, they cannot be undone. And when the vagaries of society change and transgenderism is no longer interesting or popular, it won’t be a matter of making a trip to the Gap to catch up with the times. For some, there will be no going back, no matter how much they may want to.


At what point will this stop? When the majority of the population looks like the clientele from the Mos Eisley cantina? When the majority of people are no longer genderless but consider themselves to be something other than human? Of course, that’s pure conjecture, I hope. But the people in charge of culture may never let transgenderism go out of style. Once you are so heavily invested in a doctrine that demands so much of your followers, there can be no turning back, no matter the potential for collateral damage.


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