The Narcissism of the Left

Charles Rex Arbogast

Have you been following the January 6 hearings? Me neither. I’m leaving that up to someone else to cover. While I understand that the incident was at one time headline news, it has been dragged out, worked over, and put on display so many times that I am just not interested anymore. That is even considering the fact that Democrats and the media seem to think we should all be twisted up in knots, even with their move to subpoena Trump. Frankly, I’m surprised it was picked up for another season. It would appear that congressional democrats can’t understand that Americans are not as petty or self-absorbed as they are and are not obsessing over the same things they continue to deem so important. My internet provider offered live streaming of this sad sitcom. But had I deigned to turn on my TV, it would not have been to watch that narcissistic quasi-reality series. I think there may be a documentary on quilting or bedbugs that may prove to be more entertaining and informative.


Leftists are so far removed from reality that they don’t understand Americans are worried about war, inflation, gas prices, and crime. Crimes like the one reported by the New York Post, in which an 82-year-old man in a wheelchair was stabbed in the shoulder and the neck by a punk with a skateboard for no apparent reason. The man was simply trying to enjoy his meal at a Los Angeles Taco Bell on Wednesday. The victim didn’t do anything except sit in his wheelchair and eat his food. And this lowlife came in, stabbed him, and ran out. I suppose just for the hell of it, and because he knows he can get away with it.

For our VIPs: Democrats Always Feel Entitled to Positive Coverage

Welcome to Democrat America. But this, of course, is just one more incident in a long line of barbarities that make up the hellscape of cities run by Democrats, emboldened by their media and this administration.

Speaking of tacos, Resident Joe Biden was also in L.A. recently. On Thursday, he was stumping for Democrat Karen Bass. Much was made over Biden’s stop at Tacos 1986 in Westwood, where he picked up some chicken quesadillas. In addition to taking advantage of the public service discount, he also paid for the $16.45 bill with $45 and told the clerk to use it to give the next person their order for free. He also left a $20 tip. The headline on MSN gushed over how Biden was “paying it forward.” How selfless! How noble! What a public servant! What a compassionate president!


What a load of crap.

Democrats want us to get weepy over the saga of January 6th and a pathetic photo op, while they ignore the stabbing of an 82-year-old who didn’t even get to finish his food. They think you should gasp with horror and sigh with admiration on cue. Never mind that you can’t go out for a taco without risk to your well-being, provided you have the money for a taco. J6 is bad, and Taco Joe is heroic. That’s all you need to know.

But yet, there is more. National Review reports that John Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, is livid that NBC’s Dasha Burns disclosed that Fetterman had trouble processing the conversation during a recent interview. Fetterman of course struggles with auditory issues because of a stroke. Mrs. Fetterman groused about ableism, telling a podcaster, “I mean, there are consequences for folks in these positions who are any of these isms. I mean, she was ableist. That’s what she was in her interview. It was appalling to the entire disability community and, I think, to journalism.”

No, Gisele: If your husband cannot do his job, he cannot do his job. And his constituents and the American people need to know that about him. If this were a Republican candidate, the coverage would be relentless and you would be fine with that. A “D” after your name does not put you in a protected class, particularly when you want to be trusted with the general welfare, as is mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.


This has been the Democrats’ problem from the very beginning, and the reason the donkeys may be coming home to roost in the midterms. They live in a world in which they are constantly either heroes or victims, and the rest of the country is supposed to be their fans.


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