Heh. A Leftist Billionaire Can’t Get an Electric Car

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Let us take a moment to pity the uber-rich and their problems. “Oh my, Lovey, shall we go to the Vineyard for Christmas this year or to the lodge in Aspen?”* “Do we move that money into an off-shore account?” “Do we want an infinity pool at the summer home?”


Yeah, I’m sure the struggle is real.

But you know, they are just like you and me. Except they aren’t worried about things like groceries, heating bills, or putting gas in the car. And speaking of “gas in the car,” at least one billionaire will have to sweat that a little while longer.

Tom Steyer, who according to Celebrity Net Worth has approximately $1.6 billion to his name, can’t buy an electric car. Steyer, who made allegedly made his money in hedge funds, once ran for president, which you may or may not remember. He is also a climate activist. On the home page of his eye-smacking website, you can see his many endorsements and the glowing comments about him. And a list of the organizations he has founded. Among his accomplishments, his website states:

Nationally, Tom has been a climate champion making sure climate was at the forefront of political conversation. In 2016, Tom partnered with LCV Victory Fund and NRDC Action Fund to found GiveGreen, a platform that allows donors to contribute strategically to elect climate champions. In the 2020 cycle, GiveGreen raised over $43 million for climate champions up and down the ballot. In 2018, Tom led campaigns in support of renewable energy ballot initiatives in Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan.

So he made political donations. To his credit, the Daily Caller reports that Steyer drove a Chevy Volt for seven years until failing systems made that impossible. He has been in the market for an electric vehicle, but alas, there aren’t any new ones available. Yes, the waiting list is long, but what do you expect when Ford lays off 3,000 employees to convert to electric car production? I’m pretty sure those people won’t be in the market for new cars any time soon. And that’s not to mention the supply chain issues. Hmm. When did that happen again?


Not surprisingly, Steyer was a big fan of the bill that was passed this month to shove us all towards green energy. And now he can’t find an electric car. Welcome to a small slice of our world, Mr. Steyer.

I’d feel bad for him, but if his net worth is indeed $1.6 billion, he has first-world problems and not much of substance over which to stress. Mr. Steyer doesn’t have to fret over the cost of groceries. He isn’t going to sweat finding food for his kids. His business was not on the ropes during COVID-19. Mr. Steyer will have no problem heating his home in the winter or cooling it in the summer. Odds are he doesn’t even have a student loan that needs to be forgiven. And until he gets his new EV, he can still put fuel in his conventional vehicle and it won’t mean a thing to him. He will continue to feel good about himself while you are trying to figure out just how thin you can slice that piece of bologna.

The thing is, I’ve seen what happens when the Green Agenda clobbers people. Especially in an oil and gas town. I’ve watched the foreclosures. I’ve seen people go without meals and the stress on marriages. I’ve seen people take beloved pets to the animal shelter because they can’t afford to feed them. I’ve watched them try to sell off possessions to stave off the bill collectors for another month. And none of that matters when you have $1.6 billion in the bank. Mr. Steyer has the luxury of enjoying first-world problems because he can make people like you pay the freight. Rich man’s cause, working man’s burden. Did you ever notice how people who have money to burn always want you to do a little more? Yeah, me too.


At $1.6 billion, I think Mr. Steyer owes you an EV when they finally do hit the market. When that day comes, maybe you should ask him “Dude, where’s my car?”

*Based on an actual conversation the author overheard.


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