4 Reasons to Terminate the Terminator

Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger Hasta la vista baby

What is wrong with filmmaker James Cameron? The producer/director recently mused that he might do another series of Terminator films. Seriously? The first film (1984) was awesome. The second film (1991) was arguably better. But then the movies just started to wander into the sequel wilderness—lost in search of something fresh to say—and became object lessons in how more CGI can’t substitute for good filmmaking. Sure, the original series gave us some really cool moments, but it is time to bring this to an end.

The sad truth is that the Terminator has run its course. The concept behind the films no longer has the capacity to grab the public’s imagination.

Here are four serious reasons why the Terminator’s prospects are seriously terminal:

4. AI is old hat

When the first Terminator film came out, autonomous weapons and the concept of artificial intelligence were pretty much the stuff of science fiction. While today, DARPA can’t build a terminator, they are into stuff that is pretty wild. The prospects for autonomous weapons are so real that there are already people trying to ban them. Once science fiction becomes real science, moviegoers lose their sense of wonder. Let’s face it, the driving concept behind the films was this relentless killing machine that could think but could not be “reasoned with.” Now that this notion is not so novel, neither is the film series.