7 American Movies About Messing with North Korea

North Korea warned of a “super mighty preemptive strike” if the U.S. messes with the Hermit Kingdom. Maybe Kim Jong Un watched one too many movies. While the U.S. and North Korea have not traded artillery fire in real life since the end of the Korean War, the two countries have sparred on the silver screen many times over the last decade. Here is an overview of some of the most serious cinematic confrontations.

7. Pork Chop Hill (1959)

This 1959 movie is a retelling of one of the most intense battles of the Korean War. In truth, the enemy attacking the isolated U.S. position was Chinese infantry, but the whole mess would have never happened if North Korea hadn’t invaded South Korea to begin with. At the time, the New York Times review lauded the film as “grim and rugged.” As a classic war film, Pork Chop Hill still holds up well.

6. The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954)

Korea was more than a forgotten land war. The air war was pretty intense as well, as captured in this 1954 film based on the novel about the Navy pilots tasked to take out a heavily defended bridge site. You don’t see many North Koreans, but they are definitely the bad guys and the Americans are the valiant white hats.

When news comes back to the aircraft carrier that the hero was killed by North Korean and Chinese soldiers after his plane was downed by enemy antiaircraft fire, the flight commander asks, “Where do we get such men?” The film features some fantastic scenes of aerial dogfighting and (for the day) pretty good special effects.