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5 Things to Know About the New Government-Mandated Calorie Counts

New FDA regulations regarding restaurant calorie counts will take effect in May of this year and restaurants are scrambling to comply with the latest nanny-state rules on their menus.  Any restaurant with 20 or more locations as well as supermarkets and convenience stores must post the calorie counts of their prepared food.

This isn't as easy as it sounds. Some restaurants get their ingredients from multiple suppliers. How would the calorie discrepancies figure into the total calorie count? The FDA has an answer for that: count the fattiest version. “You would not be penalized for over-declaring calories versus under-declaring,” the agency responded.

Here's some helpful information about the FDA guidelines used to determine the calorie count displayed on the food that you order or purchase:

1. The count will be determined using a “reasonable basis for determining the calorie information.”

This can include a lab analysis or information from calorie counts in databases or nutritional labels.