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10 Underappreciated Love Songs for Valentine's Day


During my freshman year of high school, I won a girl’s heart by writing her a love song. Her heart was mine for only a day, however. Ratting me out, her brother, supposedly my friend, let her know that my love song had the exact same lyrics as Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration.” My youthful plagiarism aside, I understood the power of a love song.

Having been married for eleven years, not to mention my forty years on this planet, my understanding of that power has deepened. And while my wife and I have wildly different music tastes, we do find common musical ground in a well-crafted love song.

Love songs are, in my opinion, an essential part of life. Well, essential if things like romance, beauty, and emotive sighing matter. And those things matter. Especially on Valentine’s Day. To that end, and to help others find love songs that they and their significant other can share together, I’ve compiled a list of a few love songs that I believe are underappreciated. My list is admittedly incomplete; using the comment section, please help me fill it out by letting me know which love songs you believe are underappreciated.

1.“Life With You” – The Proclaimers

This list isn’t technically ranked in the order of which underappreciated love songs I believe are the best (or most underappreciated), but, if the songs were ranked, this incredibly joyful yet tear-jerker of a love song by The Proclaimers would sit at number one. And that’s not because not doing so would create tension in my marriage (although, let’s be honest, that helps). “Life With You” is not only a song that implores partners to share a dance together; it’s a song that also encourages couples to sweetly ruminate about their time together. And, it’s a great pop song, to boot.

P.S. One of my goals in life is for at least one of my kids to have “Life With You” played at their wedding.