Will Islamophiles Sell Out Their Dogs?

dog putting paw to his ear

The recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage has highlighted once again, as Mark Steyn notes, the precarious alliance between progressives and Muslims: only in the leftist imagination could “a nice chichi gay couple at 27 Elm Street and a fire-breathing imam and his four child brides at 29 Elm Street” be a recipe for social harmony.

Indeed, it once seemed inevitable that the coalition of pro-gay and pro-Islam forces would show visible strain. But the issue was all but decided without any real contest in 2010 when Judith Butler, the intellectual doyenne of the progressive queer community, declared her primary allegiance to lie with Muslims, even Muslim gay bashers. She refused to accept an award from a German gay pride organization because it had expressed concern over Muslim anti-gay violence. While not actually denying Muslim anti-gay violence, Butler made it clear that talking about it is a form of Islamophobia strictly off limits even amongst those gays with reason to fear for their lives.

I was surprised at the suddenness of the queer capitulation to the Islamic agenda. Of course, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid had already decisively signaled its collusion with the Muslim victim narrative, a collusion that by necessity subordinates gay rights to Islamic anti-Semitism. To weaken Israel (as it would be weakened if QAIA policies were implemented) would be to weaken the one country in the Middle East where gays can live openly without fear.

The surrender of gay rights claims is but one in a series of such surrenders whereby groups that were once vocal in the defense of their constituency have bowed to Muslim demands for supremacy.

It happened amongst feminists some time ago. Where Western feminists once included the wrongs done to Muslim women as legitimate targets of their own anger, soon a guilty acquiescence in the myth of Western arrogance led feminists to back off condemning such practices as female genital mutilation, honor killing, and forced marriage -- and even to discuss them, as does Sherene Razack, mainly as media distortions in a propaganda war against Muslims.

Other groups followed suit. Ignoring the thousands amongst their co-religionists being slaughtered in Arab lands by Muslims, Christian progressives began strenuous and self-censoring outreach to Muslims in the name of inter-faith harmony.

Progressive Jews have distanced themselves from Israel, ignoring the rising tide of anti-Semitism within the Democrat party, and even in a few cases, such as that of Professor Juan Cole and activist Jacob Bender, allying themselves with radical Muslim organizations.

Is there any group amongst progressives who might still refuse to become Sharia-compliant?

I hold a small shred of hope for progressive dog owners: that they may find within themselves the heart to stand and say “Thus far and no further!”

Many progressives may still not be aware -- given media silence on all criticism of Islam -- that many Muslims dislike dogs as “unclean” animals according to Islamic religious edict, insisting that they be kept away from parks, beaches, and taxi cabs. The treatment of dogs in Islamic countries is worse than inhumane.

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