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Dear Funny or Die: There's Nothing Funny About Crushing Babies to Death

Funny or Die has probably been on your Facebook feed once or twice. It is a project founded by a spoiled rich kid who asked his very wealthy father to fund his frat-humor-turned-money-maker online comedy show. The wealthy daddy-benefactor is Mark Kvamme, who happens to be Governor Kasich's sugar daddy. Kasich has been flying around in Kvamme's jet with his campaign. Unfortunately for Kasich (and Mark Kvamme), Michael Kvamme (pampered trust-fund baby) seems to think that Planned Parenthood's scandalous and barbaric --  not to mention illegal -- methods of altering abortions to preserve organs to sell on the open market is funny. On a separate note, his father ought to be supremely embarrassed that Michael wrote,

Michael Kvamme, an aspiring young comedian, came up with a concept for a new kind of comedy site and told his dad, Mark Kvamme of Sequoia Capital to write a check.

Yuck. Does it get anymore rich privilege than that?

While taking breaks from his indoor roller coaster, Michael, or Richie Rich (as he prefers to be known), has put out one of his lame "comedy" videos to prove how funny this fetal tissue baby-part-selling scandal really is.

Cue the Planned Parenthood talking points:

Planned Parenthood welcomes all women.

Planned Parenthood gave me birth control.

Planned Parenthood screened me for cancer.

Fetal tissue Baby organs are important because Parkinson's!

All of this is told by what I think might be minor celebrities (or semi-successful comedians) I've never heard of who are wearing what appears to be North Korean prison garb and speaking in histrionics, as if what Planned Parenthood does is awful...which it is. No one, and I mean NO ONE is upset at Planned Parenthood for giving pap smears, physicals, breast exams, or prenatal care (which I'm still doubtful they do. We know they don't do mammograms. And who goes to an abortion clinic for prenatal care? Wouldn't you be worried they'd mix up your chart and leave you un-pregnant?) Absolutely EVERYONE with a brain (and functioning conscience) is appalled at what they are doing to fully formed, sometimes viable babies who have been aborted.