10 Songs of the Korean War Era

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June 25, 1950, and the North Koreans (backed by the Soviets and the Chinese) were suddenly invading the south, pushing their novice Army (and our sole Division stationed there) back, and back, and back again, until they were caught within the Pusan Perimeter, backs to the sea. Things looked desperate.

Until Dougie Mac showed ‘em at Inchon. You may count America as down, but never out. The music of this era shows our optimism and determination, we were not on the ropes, not by any means.

The Ames swept to top billing in January, 1950, with this, their first hit song. Shortly after, they began to appear as regulars on the Arthur Godfrey show, as well as on the original Ed Sullivan (then known as “Toast of the Town”). Later, they began the highly popular Ames Brothers Show in 1956.

1. Ames Brothers – “Rag Mop” (1950)