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What if Fandom Is Really Just Brain Damage?


So come to find out that -- I hope you're sitting down -- almost everything they taught you in school about Phineas Gage (that olden days railroad worker whose personality "changed completely" after a spike flew through his brain) was agenda-driven baloney, even borderline-libelous.

Just more of that "settled science" we keep hearing so much about.

(In other news: polar bears...)

Maybe when they rewrite the textbooks, they'll swap out Phineas Gage for Mr. B.

You see, Mr. B was "a 58 year old Dutch man who had suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety since the age of 13," and who didn't respond to any of the usual treatments.

As a last resort, doctors hooked electrodes to Mr. B's brain.

His symptoms noticeably improved.

So (at least in my opinion) did his taste in music.

Six months after surgery, Mr. B's stopped listening to his old favorites, the Rolling Stones, and became a Johnny Cash fan.

A superfan, actually...