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The Best Science Fiction Movie You’ve Never Seen: Sunshine


Saving the world has been a major theme in story-telling as far back as stories have been recorded, starting with cuneiform scratched into mud tablets well before Babylon rose. It’s also been a part of huge cinematic blockbusters like 2012 (dumb as a sackful of stunned baby rabbits, but I still watched it and even own it on Blu)(fun is often far from great), as well as the more universally beloved Star Wars.

The need to save the world is also the plot of Sunshine, in the most explicit way.  Our Sun is dying and a last ditch mission is sent from Earth, with the simple objective of jump-starting the engine of the star by exploding every bit of fissionable material left on the earth in the heart of the Sun.

Why is it Great?

Where do I start?  The stunning visuals (and amazing SFX)?  The immersive sound that puts you in the middle of the spacecraft?  The eerie soundtrack that sucks you in?  (Certain passages of the music are so powerful they’ve been used repeatedly in trailers and other films)   How about just the story of eight flawed humans, who are the best we can muster, with the burden of saving not only themselves, but everyone and every single thing they love?  To say nothing of the fact that it’s just Bat-Shit Krazy (and I mean BSK with the greatest possible respect and affection).