Songwriters Hall of Fame Welcomes Ray Davies -- and Donovan?


Canadians are supposedly really good at making apologies, so here's one from me:

You know all those shouty "we're all strong beautiful women" songs your daughter makes you listen to in the SUV?

Those anthemic musical training bras for budding bimbos, "sung" by Katy Perry, K$sha, Miley Cyrus and other balls-out, in-your-face ladies who don't need no man for nothin'?

Yeah, well, those songs were probably co-written by this Canadian guy.

So, sorry.

You see, Ottawa's Henry Walter works for another fellow you've probably never heard of, one "Dr. Luke":

[M]ost of the iconic hits of the last 10 years were written by the same person.

If you have attended a photogenic pool party in the last five years, or even watched a video of a pool party while sitting alone in your house, chances are you were dancing (or crying) mostly to music written by a guy called Dr. Luke. "TiK ToK"? "Dynamite"? "Till the World Ends"? "Wrecking Ball"? Pretty much any song by Katy Perry? They're all the work of this single relatively unfamous songwriter, who has written or co-written 40 hit singles since 2004.

Add in Dr. Luke's frequent co-writer Max Martin, and these two guys have pretty much written everything you have ever heard if you were born in 1999.