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13 Weeks: The Problem of Exercise

It's going to be a sort of multi-theme column today: I've accumulated several things I want to write about while I've been suffering keyboard constipation the last couple of weeks. I've got some new things to talk about on the exercise front (and the workmonster front as well.)


First the general (and uninteresting) stats: weight is still right there on the same old plateau between 265 and 270, glucose is doing the thing of being high first thing in the morning and low to unpleasantly low in the afternoons. Except for one day when I ate apple pieces and cheese at bedtime, instead of just protein, and got up with my glucose around 100 instead of the 120s. I'm going to the grocery store shortly, and will get more apples to see if that can be repeated.

I also got a new Fitbit Force, which is more or less wristwatch-like. (Immediately afterward, I found the Fitbit Uno that went missing when I'd just started this column. Figures.)

It's a combination pedometer and recorder; you wear it all the time -- except it's not waterproof, so you can't wear it into the shower, which strikes me as a little bit dumb. The most interesting thing I'm getting is that it does record various things while you're asleep, and can thus track the quality of your sleep. From this I've learned that I am doing much better along those lines, that I can't really get by on five and a half hours, and that it's pretty repeatable that Kaleo gets lonely and wants affection around 5AM.

Which brings us to the actual point. The thing is a pedometer, and if anything I'm surprised that I do get some exercise even working at home and all. Most of it comes from running up and down the stairs, which is helped by the fact that I'm apparently constitutionally unable to actually remember everything I went up or down the stairs for by the time I get to the other end.

As I have repeatedly complained, however, it's not enough and I'm sure it's not enough, but it's hard to both be a workaholic and make time for exercise.

At one point as I was complaining, my sometime writing partner Sarah Hoyt gave me an idea. An idea she said she'd gotten from Ginnie Heinlein, who said it was something Robert Heinlein used to to, and for a couple of Heinlein fanboys/girls like us that has to be good, right?