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The Chicago Rules for Negotiating with Health Insurance Companies and Israel

It would seem that there is no connection between Obamacare and the dire situation in the Middle East.   However, I would maintain that there is indeed a major connection.  The Obama administration has openly demonstrated in ways that all can see that it is not bound by any sense of ethics or laws, especially not by the Constitution.   Mr. Obama and his loyal staff took pride in the passage of the so-called Affordable Care Act by Congress and then proceeded to ignore and amend the act as they saw fit.  They have actually amended the act at least twenty times in very significant ways. The president and all of his minions in the executive branch have no legitimate power to take such action.  Zero power.

Among the many criticisms of their unconstitutional and illegal actions regarding Obamacare was this recent clear declaration in sworn congressional testimony by liberal law professor Jonathan Turley: “The danger is quite severe.  The problem with what the president is doing is that he’s not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system.  He’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid. ”

The latest set of such outrages involved the Obama officials suggesting to American insurance companies that on January 1, 2014, they simply assume that premiums have been paid and that applicants are properly registered even in the absence of solid documentation. Thus, we have clear proof that our vast, wonderful country is being led by a group of officials who are bound by no laws and no set of ethics – and who, on top of that, are truly incompetent.  To put a fine point on the matter, we must admit that this is an American nightmare.

There is only one saving grace in the face of that nightmare -- the serial outrages regarding Obamacare are often fully reported as they happen in our media and in congressional hearings.  However, it is much more difficult to learn what is actually happening in the closed meetings involving John Kerry and Bibi Netanyahu in the Middle East. Kerry just reported that great progress was being made between the Israelis and the Palestinians looking toward a comprehensive settlement in the near future.

It is at this juncture that my fears come to the fore – and so also should the fears of all sensible people.  As the leopard cannot change its spots, so also Mr. Kerry and the entire American negotiating team in Israel do not know how to operate differently in Jerusalem than they do in Washington.  They follow Chicago rules, which focus on winning and imposing their visions regardless of ethics or laws or practicalities. And remember our negotiating leopards are wickedly (an adjective based in the Boston dialect) incompetent beasts. They are losers to the core.