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So I Guess I Have to Talk About Rob Ford, Huh?


Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto, which means he's my mayor, too.

If you're sick of hearing about his crack-smoking, crazy-acting escapades, put yourself in my Sorels:

This real-life reality show has been playing out almost non-stop for years now, ever since the day Ford was elected in a landslide.

Get in the car, turn on the TV, walk past the newspaper boxes, and there it is again:

Rob Ford yelled at this person and broke some ethics rule (or maybe not) and was videotaped staggering around drunk at a street festival and so on and so forth.

As far as the Canada's establishment elite are concerned, even if Rob Ford had never done any of the things they've accused him of, he's committed far more serious crimes anyhow:

He's not the most articulate guy in public life.

His family owns a pretty successful business.

He talks a lot about cutting taxes and spending.

And worst of all:

He's fat. (I'm not kidding: Just watch the video below.)

But now Rob Ford has admitted, on camera, on the record, to smoking crack.

Sounds like a game changer, if not ender.