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Murdoch Mysteries: The Un-Breaking Bad


I'm so glad Breaking Bad is finally over.

I never watched a minute of it.

I try to avoid drug-centered movies and television programs.

It doesn't matter if these productions are supposedly "anti-drug" -- the very act of filming and screening any story about any subject automatically glamorizes it, because cinema itself is glamor.

So I'm relieved that I no longer have to overhear people in the "straight" world chatting pseudo-knowledgeably, and with barely concealed emotional arousal, about the manufacture and consumption of meth just because they binge-watched Breaking Bad.

Besides, as I've said since the program began, besides being tediously "dark" and "edgy" (yawn...) the series was premised on an absurd conceit:

That a public school teacher in 21st century America wouldn't have health insurance.

While seemingly half the planet was counting down the minutes to the Breaking Bad finale on Sunday night, I was looking forward to Monday evening, and the seventh season premiere of one of my favorite shows, Murdoch Mysteries.