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5 Indispensible Wine-O Tools


Whether you drink once a year or once a day, no wine aficionado can survive without these basic tools in their cellar. While you can take a rain check on the fancy glasses (despite what wine snobs may think, you really can appreciate wine out of a Wal Mart glass) there are a few gadgets out there that make your wine experience so much easier and more enjoyable without breaking the bank. Here are my Top 5 budget-friendly wine toolbox must-haves.


5. A Foil Cutter

Ever try slicing at that wine wrapper with a steak knife? Yeah, not so good. Spend a few bucks on this little tool that will get you into the bottle that much quicker. This one from Le Creuset verges on high end (if there is such a thing in foil cutters, which there most assuredly is) in price, but the four-wheel system will spare you the wrist-cramps and keep going long after those cheaper models have jammed up and bit the dust.


4. A Good Corkscrew

The Butterfly Corkscrew is my personal favorite. I happen to own one that graced my grandfather's bar since the mid-1960s. If you don't shop flea markets or have access to that kind of nostalgia, be sure to shop for a heavier gauge model. Don't waste your money on a cheaper model made of lightweight metal. If you do, you'll bend the arms of the opener long before you pry the cork from your bottle.

Many friends favor the electric bottle openers, but don't be fooled. Unless you're willing to invest in a truly high-end model, these openers are all talk and no action, and nothing is worse than losing charge in the middle of opening a bottle.

The Rabbit Corkscrew, the favored opener among middle aged women everywhere, is an easy alternative. With a no-slip grip and lever screw, the Rabbit opens a bottle in 3 seconds making it the ultimate tool for Girls' Night Out.