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4 Best Cupcake Shops in Washington, D.C.

Best DC Cupcake Shops Georgetown Cupcake

I am about to cave and commit a common, Washington, D.C. food-crime. I am going to talk about cupcakes.

Cupcakes are all the rage in D.C. and I heartily blame their continued popularity on the multitude of cupcake/baking shows on TV.

I’m more of a crème brulee kind of gal, but I can get on board with a cupcake every once in a while.  If you’re a cupcake lover, D.C. is the place to be.  We have as many cupcake shops as we do monuments.  So, if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, here are the best places to visit:

Georgetown Cupcake

In addition to their hit show on TLC, Georgetown Cupcake is deservedly well-known for its creative cupcakes.  This bakery is owned by two sisters, Katherine and Sophie, who quit their corporate jobs in order to focus on their true passion, baking.  Their main shop is located in the Georgetown neighborhood in D.C.  It’s easy to spot -- look for the line around the block.

Georgetown Cupcake has set itself apart from other bakeries with its cupcake menu that features unique batter flavors and tasty frosting.  They have weekly and seasonal specials—ranging from Lemon Blossom to Hummingbird and Irish Crème to Pumpkin Spice. Of course, the classics like chocolate and vanilla are always available.  Also, there are always options for those who are gluten free.  I highly recommend the classic red velvet cupcake—it seems to be a D.C. favorite.

Georgetown Cupcake (Home Location--Washington, D.C.)

3301 M Street NW (corner of 33rd & M)

Washington, DC 2000