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Would Jesus Have Preached, 'Render Unto Hitler What is Hitler's?' Or Are We Missing Something?


"Anti-Semitism always takes on the idiom of its day, and the forms of its day. And while before, there was a center-peripheral relationship for anti-Semitism. It even had an address for a long time, which was the Vatican. It was centered in Christian Europe and spread outward.

Now it is all over the world, flows go in every direction-- there is really not a place it can't be found. This is also due in part to digital technology...there is something today, which has never existed before. Not only in regards to anti-Semitism but with other prejudice, which is an anti-Semitic international alliance.

You have an alliance of many, many countries around the world who actually have a foreign policy to promote anti-Semitism, promote anti-Semitism at home and promote anti-Semitism abroad, but an anti-Semitic alliance against Israel primarily but also against Jews in general. This has never existed for anti-Semitism or any other kinds of prejudice."[Emphasis mine]

 -- Daniel Goldhagen author The Devil That Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Antisemitism  Interview with Sara Ivry, Vox Tablet hat-tip Prof. lw

In the first half of his book Kosher Jesus Rabbi Boteach went to great lengths explaining his belief that Christ should be embraced as a beloved Jewish son- an honored sage that died a martyr for his people. This view should not change the way Christians see Christ, only cast him in a light that provides more detail to the man we love and the God we serve.

However, as we delve deeper into his work, the author's premise becomes glaringly obvious: Jesus, along with Christianity in its infancy, was ripped from the arms of Judaism then nursed at the breast of a graven Roman image.

According to Boteach, in an effort to placate Rome, the early Christian Church fathers rendered Jesus as little more than a white hooded, vitriol-spewing enemy of Judaism -- a deity that would wear a swastika on his arm.

That explains a lot. But it also begs questions that must be answered.