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Pacific Rim: High Concept, Big Fun


Short version: Best popcorn flick of the summer.

Longer version? OK, longer version.

Giant monsters (Kaiju) from another dimension are invading earth through a trans-dimensional rift at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. They come one at a time, months apart, giving mankind time to unite and figure out a way to fight the beasties. And of course you fight giant sea aliens by building giant, human-piloted battle robots (Jaegers). The neural connection between man and robot is too much for a single human brain to handle, so two pilots are connected together in a neural "drift" and act and fight as one. Think of them as a flesh-and-blood RAID 1 array, if you're geeky like that. The problem is, the alien attacks are growing more frequent and of course the aliens are also getting bigger and tougher. They even evolve weapons of their own, like acid spit and an EMP-type thing.

If you think giant monsters versus giant robots is just an excuse for city-busting battles... well, yeah. Of course. And if you think the neural "drift" is an excuse to heighten the human drama... well, yeah. Of course. Even better, the deeper connection between the characters, the better they connect in the "drift," and the better they fight.

I told you it was high concept.