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Adam Carolla: The Fact That Nobody Shot Jim Carrey Disproves His Fear of Gun Owners


I've said it for years, especially when fighting with reflexively anti-American Canadians:

If the United States really was the violent, racist, unhinged apocalyptic hellhole of your twisted leftist fantasies -- which they've all picked up, ironically, from liberal Hollywood -- then O.J. Simpson would've been shot to death on the courthouse steps.

(Those Canadians really hate it when I point out that we're the country that practically invented school shootings.)

The simple fact that their hero Michael "Bowling For Columbine" Moore is still even waddling walking around makes Michael Moore the superlative living breathing refutation of... Michael Moore.

(And that my leftist opponents never once think of raising my "Michael Moore" with a "Larry Flynt" simply demonstrates what truly uninformed and unimaginative debaters they tend to be.)

Anyhow, Adam Carolla -- the virtuoso from the Valley -- nails it as he so often does, when asked what he thinks of Jim Carrey's sudden apology for all his vicious tweets about gun owners:

First off: He’s Canadian, right? What if we just sent Larry the Cable Guy to Winnipeg to bug the crap out of Canadians? (...)

I think Jim Carrey is making an example of just how responsible gun owners are, simply by the fact that no one has attempted to shoot him.