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2 Years Behind! Toyota Struggles Playing Tech Catch Up


Toyota has dominated the American auto market for decades. The Toyota name became synonymous with high resale value, inexpensive repairs, and rare breakdowns. Subsequently, the Camry and Corolla became two of the best selling cars in America. However, Toyota has hit some snags in the past few years: PR-damaging recalls, design flops, and trouble keeping pace with competitors who accommodate the increased demand for high-tech cars. Brand loyalty dropped in 2010 and Toyota has been trying to retake the margin they lost ever since. But they can't seem to do it fast enough.

Information and photos on the 2014 Corolla were recently released with features and a design that made splashes two years ago. It seems neither the public nor the critics are impressed. I know I'm not. (Should we throw Toyota some cookies for finally reading the memos at least?)

If Toyota wants to reclaim the crown of top dog it needs to start offering vehicles loaded to match (or exceed) competing models at an amazing price. Loyal Toyota buyers are starting to wake up and chase the coolest cars instead of shopping at the brand they’ve bought from in the past. T0yota cannot rely on brand loyalty to sell cars. They need to engage and outflank the competition, not just play catch up.